[SECRET] The Only Way to Go!

2022.01.18 15:50 BigRocksWilderness [SECRET] The Only Way to Go!

Cayenne, France (Sorta) 2051
Polish President Arizona Bazyli was ushered around Dégrad des Canne Naval Base in Guiana, home to the Commonwealth's Red Banner Atlantic Fleet. He was careful not to be crushed or trip over the dozens of hazards scattered across the pier following his French Guide. Far above him, the Guiana Space Elevator stretched up to the heavens.
"Mr. President....Mr. President...are you listening to me? Hello?" Jacques Antoine, his tour guide, was waving his hand in Arizona's face.
Arizona blinked twice and brought his Attention down to Earth away from the Space Elevator.
"Oh..uh.. what? sorry.."
"Pay Attention, and I was just going over the intricacies of how they expanded the Naval Base. So you see, they built a giant hole, and....."
A forklift drove between them, separating the two for long enough to continue the tour.
One Way to Go! Hint: That Way is Out
With the Colonization of Mars and Luna in full swing, the Commonwealth must set its sight on pushing its string of pearls farther out into Space. Ceres has been chosen as the next candidate for colonization due to its proximity to Mars. Four Fusion Tugs will be launched from the Martian Gateway, capable of carrying well over 400 tons, and will set up initial mining infrastructure on Ceres's surface. The Fusion Tugs will temporarily be used as "Base Camp" until a permanent site can be deployed. Robots controlled by Summer AI will be responsible for setting up for:

While the Fusion Tugs waits for an optimal launch window (roughly 2055 when Mars and Ceres are closest), work on an Orbital Station will commence in the meantime. The new Station will have something Ceres lacks: Gravity. Provided by a spinning Von Braun wheel, the new Station dubbed Venture Station will be the primary habitat for Ceres. With a total internal volume of 350,000m3, it will be slightly larger than Mars's Gateway. Venture will be able to act as a central base and transportation hub for asteroid mining, resources extracted being transported back to Mars and eventually Earth. The newly sourced Ore will allow the Commomonwealth's development of the Inner-Solar System to move quicker than ever. Over four years, the Station assembled in Mars's Orbit will be constructed of thousands of micromodules formed around the Station Core and Von Braun wheel. Station Modules will be built and transported from Earth and Luna via the Fusion Tugs and constructed on the Martian Gateway.
Upon completion of the Station, Fusion Tugs will push and pull Venture Station into Cere's Orbit in roughly late 2057. Lunar Shuttles will connect Venture Station with the Mining Site on the surface.
The Moon Miners But Not Actually On a moon
Once Venture Station is in place, its use as a hub for asteroid mining can begin. Using the tried and true Russian Salyut module as a base idea, our Asteroid Miner will take a habitation module (similarly sized to the Salyut) combined with modules for carrying supplies and other necessities for asteroid mining, attach them via a cable, spinning them to provide artificial gravity (albeit limited). Using a Liquid Methane fueled Rocket, the Mining Ship will refuel from processed Ore via chemically bonding carbon with hydrogen.
The Mining Ships will have a minimal "Human" crew augmented by a mixture of Mining Robots controlled by Summer AI. The Asteroid Itself will be mined in a strip mine fashion assisted via Microbes removing some of the strain caused by the low gravity. Unfortunately or rather, fortunately, this kicks up a lot of dust, which will then be caught by a canopy shaped and rotating to use the centrifugal force to channel the ore/dust to the perimeter for collection. Collected Ore will be sent through a basic processing system before being stored away. The Miner will operate until its food reserves are used up, water is used up (with ice also being collected from asteroids), or it is completely filled with Ore.
Arizona watched the HICMS Warsaw nose out to sea, as like a great whale, she shepherded a Convoy of Merchant Ships for an ASW Exercise off the Coast of Guiana. From where Arizona sat, his view of Guiana was steadily increasing in scope as the "Climber" quietly made its way up into Space. Despite the extensive efforts the Commonwealth had gone to Colonize Space, this was Arizona's first trip outside of Earth's Gravity. As his tour guide chattered off on things that Arizona cared little about, he shifted his attention back to the matter at hand.
"So, Mr. Antoine, I heard the Germans were going to melt the Eiffel Tower down for scrap?"
"Merde, what have they done now?"
"Do you mean besides the mass genocide, looting, war crimes, brainwashing, and generally unpleasantness? Lucky for me, I haven't had to meet one in person yet. According to President Krzyżelewski, Dederick smelled rather unpleasant. It was like that gremlin of a man walked around in rotten eggshells all day; he smelled something fierce, let me tell you."
Before Jacques Antoine could respond, the Climber trundled to a stop at the top of the tether.
San Francisco Fleet Yards Sierra Nevada - Russo-Polish Commonwealth In cooperation with Sierra-Nevada and her motley mixture of space-based corporations and space agencies, the San Francisco Fleet Yards will be constructed in Lunar Orbit. The Fleet Yards will provide an orbital shipbuilding capacity and conduct maintenance in Space.
San Francisco Fleet Yards will be able to service/construct up to 48 Fusion Tugs or ships of similar size and larger. Housed in large "frames" identical in practice to a drydock, they can serve as a dedicated spot to do the majority of the spacecraft assembly, created from modules constructed on the Lunar Surface. Additionally, several dozen enclosed hangers will be constructed, allowing for maintenance/constructing of smaller spacecraft and Lunar Shuttles in a pressurized environment, alongside another dozen hangers capable of supporting Fusion Tugs.
Construction will take three years, and final operation of the Fleet Yards will be in conjunction with the Luna Gateway.
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2022.01.18 15:50 Numerous-Doubt8179 Looking for people to talk to that are my age kinda

Hii guys I am a 17 yr teenager and hella lonely these days cuz I dont go outside a lot cuz covid so I feel hella lonely and really depressed these days. Its just me and my studies lmk if someone wanna maybe incorporate me into their circle or up for talk. Ik i am sounding desperate but it is what it is
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2022.01.18 15:50 JitsuMitsu First time thinking about getting a pc? Does this seem like it’ll be pretty good gaming pc? Overkill on anything or should go less? Thanks

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2022.01.18 15:50 OriginalRawUncut 2014 is the year nobody talks about

There's also nothing special about that year.
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2022.01.18 15:50 KevRum HAPEBEAST GANG (PRESALE NOW LIVE + Bonus) (160k on twitter, 474k on discord)

A brief intro about the HAPE BEAST CLUB project: HAPEBEAST is a new art and fashion playground from London-based studio Digimental. Built around an initial drop of 8,000 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, the project unites style, technology and community, and sets up HAPES as next-generation fashion leaders. You can find out more about the HAPEBEAST team below and see the lightest hints for our post-release plans. As we move closer to launch this site will evolve; like apes at the dawn of a new world we’re making something from nothing, noise from silence. In the beginning was the word. The word was, and is, HAPE.
🍌 🦍

  • Every NFT you mint is 1 entry
  • 5 people will receive 1 ETH each when the presale has ended
  • Prize pool: 5 ETH
  • Total NFT supply: 8000
  • NFT presale price: 0.2 ETH.
  • NFTs/wallet: ~10x.
  • Secondary marketplace: OpenSea.
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2022.01.18 15:50 rose-water- Text Book is the best song on BB

I really don't like the BLM line in this song but it's the only thing holding it back from perfection. The melody and lyrics are gorgeous, and I love how raw this is, the way she addresses the flaws in her relationship with her dad so openly, and how it influenced her romantic life. It feels like she is talking to us.
It's the best song on Blue Banisters in my opinion.
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2022.01.18 15:50 waldo_wigglesworth Need advice. I found a Sansui with the plug cut off. What's the best way to replace it?

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2022.01.18 15:50 ArchmageXin So what is kineticists Good for?

So I decided to roll a Kineticist (ele-engine) instead of my standard Arcane Mage. 12 level in I feel a bit meh. I mean, his damage is good, but not much else to talk about. In fact, other Arcane/Clerics in my party can at least get selective spell metamagic so they can blindly nuke enemies down. All I do there is squirt water at people.
Am I doing something wrong?
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2022.01.18 15:50 Playerrrr1 looking for Regieleki, for regidraco for trade

Looking regieleki
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2022.01.18 15:50 MaroBoyy_2ss Need a Flyer Made for Valentine's Goodies

Long story short, my girl & I made some Valentines Bundles etc. Just need a flyer made with the pricing, I heard of a few apps that would help but wanted to see if anyone here actually does this for a living and could help out. Willing to pay. Let me know
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2022.01.18 15:50 susanfermac Le Morne-Rouge - Nous livrons les types de barre d’armature à Le Morne-Rouge. Importation barres d’armature pour Le Morne-Rouge Martinique #Le Morne-Rouge #Martinique

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2022.01.18 15:50 blue_trackerbot Overwatch | Jodie in Is AndyB coming back?

General Discussion » Is AndyB coming back?

Fair! But this one is from ME.
2022-01-18 10:44:43
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2022.01.18 15:50 DunDunnDunnnnn Stomach Virus or Lingering Omicron?

43 female, fully vaccinated (no booster yet). Southeastern USA.
Omicron hit me on 12/26. I felt mostly better after 4 days but had some lingering fatigue. I noticed throughout the 4 days of acute illness (mostly fever, headache, extreme fatigue), my stomach felt very acidic and I was burping a lot.
Fast forward to yesterday (1/18) and I started to get that acidic stomach feeling mixed with nausea that would come and go. Also burping. I haven't vomited yet but I kind of wish I just would...every time I think I'm going to the nausea abates for awhile. I also feel a bit feverish and quite tired. My hunch is that this is some kind of stomach bug but that acidic feeling is SO similar to what I felt during Omicron.
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2022.01.18 15:50 babypocketsquid WTS MiUSA Black UFT Cut One in Small - $85 Shipped

Condition new tried on and although I'd like to keep, I have a bunch of tools I need to buy for a home renovation I'm going through. Small loose thread on the left sleeve.
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2022.01.18 15:50 davewillis11 Sounds of Crait from "Star Wars Battlefront ||" (resonant tones, cracking crystals, tumbling minerals)

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2022.01.18 15:50 TrackSlide My brother in law fighting with his friends.

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2022.01.18 15:50 DJhedgehog [OH 45069][H/WTT] Ironrise KS, Dinosaur Island Retail, 40k Forbidden Stars, More, Paypal [W] The Great Wall, Res Arcana, Quacks of Quedlinburg

Want Great Wall the most, preferably with minis.
Will pay shipping for the game and any trades. Willing to do partial trades.
If you are looking for Paypal, please message with the amount you want for your game.
All games are used in good condition.
For trade:
Iron Rise
Forge war
Warhammer 40k: Forbidden Stars
Dinosaur Island
Cry havoc
Lewis and Clark
Civilization: New Dawn
Princes of florence
Taj Mahal
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