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Doubt about an issue that (maybe) can be kind of sensitive about what my gods look like.

2022.01.18 17:27 Astro_Lemoon Doubt about an issue that (maybe) can be kind of sensitive about what my gods look like.

Hey guys!
I'm finishing a pantheon in my world and everything was going great until I ran into this problem...
For context, I didn't initially think about the form of the gods and how they show themselves to their people, as I wanted first to think deeply about all of them, their relationships, attitudes and all. so now that I've (almost) finished the pantheon, I've started to think about what they would look like for my culture...
When I thought of death's goddess, I wanted her to have a very old woman form, and life's god, the form of a boy to represent the stages of life where they are most prominent, but, and here's the problem, the god of life is a fucking Zeus in my mythology: he has dozens of children with many other gods and goddesses, and for this reason I think it would be weird if that god ended up looking, well… so young. However, I really like the cliché of "old god-young god" to represent these opposite stages of life.
To be completely honest, I wouldn't mind that, as their forms are just a representation of the gods' powers and the abstract concepts they manage, but I'm afraid people will get it wrong and crucify me if I leave it that way.
So I ask you guys, what are your views on making a literal "father of all" as a youth? should I fix this or isn't this something I should be worried about as much?
I would be very grateful for your answers!
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2022.01.18 17:27 fnoor9 Keystone Crossbones Twitter – Leaked Video Viral

In 1776, the Keystone state of upset started with a turn of events. For demands about material accessible to be bought if it’s not too much trouble, bless your heart. Went to the Acacia Strain/Counterparts/Fit For An Autopsy/Kublai Khan show the past evening in Philly. Saw a whole bunch of colleagues decked out in Keystone Cross Bones coats and hoodies and tees. I’ve a few group around at various shows close by already yet there was a whole pack the past evening.
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2022.01.18 17:27 damnflip Thoughts on Nikola partnership

My thoughts after seeing the comments from everyone else:
I don't think we should let Nikola out so easily.
They are trying to blame everything on Trevor making as if they knew nothing and it was all his fault, but it's very clear that they knew what was going on.
After the short seller report came out against Nikola and Trevor, they defended everything and even attacked Hinderburg.
So these guys are the same crooks especially the higher ups like the CFO they knew exactly what was going on, and now that Trevor is gone they are trying to put all the blame on him so they can make it out scot-free and try to turnaround (or more correctly, build up from the beginning) the company.
With all that in mind are they doing a good job? Well IDK but so far from everything I see they are doing everything right, Will they succeed? That's up to you to decide but if you watch their series with Monroe and the deals they are signing with other manufacturers seems like they have a chance - but I'm still not going to just trust them especially that it's the same people doing the same things i.e. great on announcements and press, but on real products - well we'll have to wait and see.
All of this is just on the company Nikola but with on this deal with Proterra - there's nothing negative to say
Imagine it comes out that Nikola is buying stuff from Home Depot would that be some type of scandal? Obviously not! Yes it's a bit different here as they are going to make the battery packs for their fit and are making a big deal out of it, but in essence it's the same thing - Nikola are buying products from Proterra, if Nikola is a scam and they fail than they'll stop buying the packs that's it, makes zero difference to Proterra IMO.
What does make a bit difference is that literally everyone's choosing Proterra as their supplier we get many new deals every month - and that means everything!
Let's see how Proterra manages to keep up with all these deals, I'm sure they aren't signing contracts without a plan in mind but would be interesting to know what their plans are, we'll have to wait for the Q4 earnings and annual report.
If anyone thinks otherwise let us know!
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2022.01.18 17:27 tuana122000 [Book request] Understanding and Managing Diversity: Readings, Cases, and Exercises (6th) and ongoing Crisis Communication: Planning, Managing, and Responding (5th)

Looking for
Understanding and Managing Diversity: Readings, Cases, and Exercises (6th)

Ongoing Crisis Communication: Planning, Managing, and Responding (5th)

I would appreciate if anyone have a scan of any of these two. Thank you in advance!
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2022.01.18 17:27 kasiopaia Warum ist mir manchmal abnormal kalt?

Ich bin ein Mann, Anfang 30 und mir ist seit ca. 2 Jahren ab und zu einfach nur abnormal kalt. Letztens nach dem Duschen, dachte ich, ich geh gleich kaputt weil ich so gezittert habe... kalt duschen ist nichtmehr drinnen, hab ich früher total gerne gemacht, null Probleme. Hatte schon immer niedrigen Blutdruck aber hat das was damit zu tun?
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2022.01.18 17:27 Wiktur Facts

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2022.01.18 17:27 Unknown_Eyes Am I next to be exiled?

Hey, I’m a 25/f and long story short me and my partner cannot have kids naturally due to my partner having cancer as a teen. We have started the process for IVF but…
My current workplace is starting to seem toxic.. I started working at the company I am currently at as a temp, they then hired me full time after 3 months, I then got promoted twice and I’m currently doing some maternity cover for a girl (I offered to avoid having to hire someone else - my contract isn’t maternity cover) I have now been there over a year and a half. Anyway, since this other girl who is the same age as me went on maternity leave she has been exiled. People talk about her behind her back, our manager goes on about how she wasn’t happy when she announced her pregnancy and always hints to everyone else in the office that she hopes none of us will be the same. Whenever anyone mentions kids she’s quick to say “nope we don’t need that in this office!” All in all it’s not the greatest environment. My role there is very busy, very hard to cover and takes a lot of training. I’m now in a situation where I feel like I cannot speak to my manager about IVF (she will be mentally replacing me as soon as I open my mouth) never mind one day being pregnant. I feel very anxious about IVF and my future without this added fear and just wondered if any other ladies felt this way.. my manager has also said if the lady currently on maternity leave wants part time work she will tell her she can’t have it. We do need the help, we are very busy so this is seeming very spiteful.
So many workplaces are so supportive but mine is absolutely not one of them.
Obviously I will not be putting off my dreams of having a family due to a workplace but I guess I just need some words of encouragement.. please if anyone has any advice, help a scared adult out.
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2022.01.18 17:27 Archiel73 Going 2nd 9 times in a row, what's your record? lol

Going 2nd 9 times in a row, what's your record? lol
Good thing it's Momir and going 2nd doesn't matter. To be clear, I'm not saying I've lost any of these due to going 2nd.
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2022.01.18 17:27 Masrenotmasre Bananadog

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2022.01.18 17:27 KttnaJ LF: Pidgey/Castform/Dunsparce/Exegcute + touchtrades FT: Gold caps, ability patch, ability capsule, evolution items/stones, every non listed pokemon.

Hi, still need some help to finish my pokedex. The pokemon I need are: Pidgey
I also need (tradeback):
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2022.01.18 17:27 prodigalkal7 What do I charge for personal IT services, when I don't do IT professionally?

So, a bit of context:
Have a relatives friend who's setting up all this internet stuff (router, ethernet, booster, computer, etc) and wants some help to do it. Instead of going to a 3rd party, he wanted to go to someone he can trust and/or vouched for. Said relative passed my name along, cause I'm a techy person (experience in CS and such), and he's asked me, and asking what I would "charge" for it so he can pay me accordingly.
... What the hell do I say I charge? I'm not a struggling 15 year old looking for work. I'm in my 20's, and am happy to help with this, but I didn't think at all about the pay, but it make sense, I just don't know what to value it at.
Any thoughts or assistance anyone?
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2022.01.18 17:27 GroundbreakingBox714 Germany signals it could halt gas pipeline if Russia invades Ukraine

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2022.01.18 17:27 Googg715 Battleadon steam rollin puny ‘umies

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2022.01.18 17:27 Competitive_Reason_2 Election Day is coming up, who are you voting

View Poll
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2022.01.18 17:27 MordenCrane Sam! I'm married to your best friend!

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2022.01.18 17:27 xhysics Coros de clave, a rumba precursor, were an AfroCuban imitation of Catalan choral societies brought to Havana in late 1800s. Named after a Catalan composer, José Anselmo Clavé (not claves the instrument) who established a choral society made up of uneducated, working-class folks in Barcelona in 1845.

Coros de clave, a rumba precursor, were an AfroCuban imitation of Catalan choral societies brought to Havana in late 1800s. Named after a Catalan composer, José Anselmo Clavé (not claves the instrument) who established a choral society made up of uneducated, working-class folks in Barcelona in 1845. submitted by xhysics to cuba [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 17:27 Reddit_user_robbie huehue no flair go brrrrrrrrrrr

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2022.01.18 17:27 DM_ME_YOUR_NUDIESS The people all power to

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2022.01.18 17:27 theothertrunk 12 Hours Relaxing Rainfall - Fall Asleep FAST - Great for Studying, Sleep, Meditation or Relaxing [12:00]

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2022.01.18 17:27 i_fuckd_ur_mother What’s the best comeback you’ve ever heard?

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2022.01.18 17:27 grayfeelings Weird Texting Patterns With Girl I'm Talking To

So, I've been talking back and forth with a girl over social media. We're not dating yet, it's more friendly banter than anything, but the tone of conversation seems to suggest we're both enjoying each other's company and that there is something heresies, friendship or otherwise. I looked her over, had the fresh eyes of my friends to confirm, and it doesn't seem like she's a scammer of any kind either. However, I've noticed some weird things. Not necessarily disconcerting things, but weird things.
She seems extremely enthusiastic when messaging me, and will often message me long paragraphs-which I reciprocate. However, she will often go offline in the middle of a long conversation, only to come back after 25 minutes. Of course, I'm not naive to expect me to be the most important thing it her life after a or so of talking, but it almost always occurs after we hit a climax in the convo, not in the downtime between points. It's never on the mundane things where we're seemingly just talking to please the other, and we have many times like that like that of any new meeting of people. It's always after either one of us asks the other a question, or we're both building on each other's comments and making a bigger dialgoue.
She also will send me goodnight and good morning messages without ever waiting for my response, only replying to it later. This doesn't particularly bother me that much, but it just seems weird. Like, what's the point of saying such a thing if not for the social aspect of it. It just always feels kind of cold and leaves me with a weird taste in my mouth. It's like she's trying to give the illusion of a bond, without the real warmth of one. Yet, she does without fail every morning and night, whether or not we were talking at that point.
Again, I'm not trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Nothing here is terrible or toxic, it's just odd and a little unnerving. It leaves quite a lot of ambiguity to the whole thing and I'm never completely sure where I stand. She seems to genuinely want to know me and is interested in my life, but at the same time she's giving many signals that she would rather not talk to me. Which is fine if it's the case, I know plenty of people who don't like talking to me and I never blame them for it. However, I would like to know where I stand so I know how much energy to invest. There a ton of other weird quirks that are had to explain, but just set them apart from other convos with people I went on to be in some kind of relationships with. It all just seems a little off to me. Still, she asked me to meet her in person, so I guess I'll continue it and see where it goes.
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2022.01.18 17:27 Tyquente What to wear for your first law clerk gig?

I'm female and am starting at my first law clerk position this Friday and am unsure if I should err on the side of business professional (pantsuit with blazer), or business casual (blouse and slacks)?
Also, the high is 23 degrees so skirts/dresses are out of the question.
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2022.01.18 17:27 demonicblissxx Suggest animes that'll make me bawl my eyes out.

I love animes that are emotional, thriller, and filled with suspense. I recently started TPN and I absolutely love it. Animes from this genre that I loved: Banana Fish The promised Neverland Stein's gate.
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2022.01.18 17:27 BunBao9557 hol down

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2022.01.18 17:27 destroyer1134 I'm tired of the disrespect towards all of us.

To set the scene I manage a restaurant in a remote hotel at least 45 minutes from the nearest Hospital so we take allergies very seriously because there have been cases where people have died from anaphylaxis in the town.
It's 7pm and we have a walkin of 5 sit down and order drinks. They tell their server that if anything in our hotel has traces of peanuts they can't eat here. She tells them some of our desserts have nuts in them and we have peanut butter around for the breakfast crowd This women goes off on the two of us because we can't guarantee that everything is peanut free. Calls us incompetent and just makes a scene. Asks for everyones names and business cards. She gets so wound up that I had to ask them to leave. The daughter with the allergy has her head in her hands and I'm just trying to calm her down. She leaves mad and her husband is mad at me because Im being defensive about our
Our crew works 10 hour days right now to get everything done our cooks are covered in burns and she says we don't care about our jobs.
I'm just so tired and demoralized.
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