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MSM: “GameStop leads meme stocks lower despite new squeeze effort”. Apes:

2022.01.18 17:31 slabrangoon MSM: “GameStop leads meme stocks lower despite new squeeze effort”. Apes:

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2022.01.18 17:31 duck_mopsi Should I change Antony for Prime Kaka? Could do him for few coins with my fodder. Otherwise Id save the fodder for any later sbcs but not sure which would be better than Prime Kaka

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2022.01.18 17:31 Mans334 [H] MP9 Wild Lily Well-Worn [W] ★ Specialist Gloves | Marble Fade (FT), AWP Wildfire ST FN

Ingame SS/Float: https://imgur.com/a/uTMIa3b
B/O: ★ Specialist Gloves | Marble Fade (FT), AWP Wildfire ST (FN)
Trade Link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=12921073&token=1JoGB5-J
Info to the guy that pointed out it wasn't FT, you are right, I am an Idiot lol B/o has been corrected accordingly
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If you post a screenshot, don't forget to crop it. It makes the post easier to read
Also, to our artists, feel free to plug your Non-NFT art here! You know we love to see it.
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2022.01.18 17:31 Tomato_Shelf Someone pls help me with my assignment

My assignment is to introduce myself creatively by using an authors life and a book the author made. The book I chose was the giving tree written by Shel Silverstein. I dont read that much books thats why the giving tree was my choice since it's the only book I remember. I have no idea how to introduce myself with it so I really need someone's help.
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2022.01.18 17:31 YoanceeQBR How are my genetics? Not really liking the chest. Idk if I love these wide hips but I like how I kinda look more hunky and square-ish. idk, Igonre my dumb looking underwear haha

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2022.01.18 17:31 Cryguy1376 $500 Kickr Core or $400 Kickr v3 (2017)

Which would you go with? Core was bought new May 2021 and has maybe 30 miles on it (seller says), Kickr was probably bought in 2017, and has limited miles on it (seller says).

Core still has warranty, which would you choose?
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2022.01.18 17:31 ar_david_hh Jan/18/2022: Universal healthcare details emerge: Single-payer, >90% coverage, surgeries/chemo/meds, partial dental & transplants, approx. 3+3% tax, $700M __ Artsakh's free healthcare, housing, university subsidies, new road to Armenia __ Cancer stats __ Asset forfeiture dispute __ New bills pass

This is your 14-minute Tuesday briefing in 3562 words.
what will Armenia's universal healthcare look like? To understand what types of "universal healthcare" systems there and their differences, I suggest reading this comment thread first. The government has been working on implementing one in Armenia.
Ex-Healthcare Minister QP MP Arsen Torosyan: this is more like a "social security" system based on principles of fairness, accessibility to masses, and affordability at the state level. We have to take both into account to have a sustainable system that helps citizens. //
Minister's adviser Shekherdimyan: coverage limits exist in every country. Even the richest ones don't include all medical services. The Canadian model is quite successful. Various European models have been quite good. I wouldn't include the United States in that list. // [BERNIE SANDERS WANTS TO KNOW YOUR LOCATION]
Arsen Torosyan: It's a single-payer system in which the funds will come from various sources. Petpatver currently uses contributions from various taxes. There will be new income/employer taxes, specifics of which are yet to be decided.
All the payments are collected in one place that will make strategic payments. The strategic purchaser must ensure reasonable and fair pricing, it must ensure competition among the quality service providers (hospitals, clinics), it must minimize the need for hospital care by monitoring chronic illnesses in clinics [preventative care].
The biggest risk is in regards to all parties thinking synchronously. The parties are Finance Ministry, Economy Min, Social Min, a bit of Central Bank, etc. //
Adviser Shekherdimyan: international experience shows that having a comprehensive insurance system is without a doubt a positive change. It opens our system to new possibilities that we currently lack. This mechanism will allow us to optimize expenses and give peace of mind to our population. //
CivilNet's street survey indicates most people support the idea as long as it provides decent coverage.
There are packages specific for certain types of health issues that cause death or disability. It includes treatments that are expensive and require long-term care. There is also a large package that covers medication.
The insurance won't cover unnecessary elective procedures, plastic surgeries, some dental services, and hospital "extras" that are deemed unnecessary.
Preliminary calculations put the cost of the package for the entire population at ֏350B ($720M). [I suppose most of it is already being spent on healthcare today so this isn't "on top".]
Healthcare Ministry officials: Today, many residents are forced to take loans to cover their medical expenses. They sell their homes and become poorer. The new system will make healthcare more accessible.
Although many clinic services are already free, residents don't go to the doctor, knowing that their diagnoses can lead to expensive bills. This issue will be resolved.
We developed a package that will cover the entire field by 90-95%. It includes preventative care, exams/diagnosis, transplants (state covers 30%), all surgeries (excludes plastic), treatment of cardiovascular diseases, other oncology services and chemotherapy/drugs that aren't currently free, partial dental coverage (excludes implants), etc. Dental coverage includes two teeth, tooth removal, dental prosthesis.
We need to take into account a few things to ensure a smooth transition of the system. First, the patients' identification system should improve. It is a complex problem to identify all the recipients. Perhaps this can be done simultaneously with the government's proposal to introduce [mandatory annual tax filing for everyone].
As for the unemployed, we are thinking about ways to help them, too.
Working citizens will make payments in exchange for free healthcare. At the moment it's expected to be 6%: Worker pays 3%, employer pays 3%. These numbers can change if we decide that the package should include more or fewer services. We're still discussing it. In any case, the state's share will be bigger than what's collected from workers.
Regarding private insurance companies. Few people have private insurance today. This group should also be included in the UHC. They, too, should receive this comprehensive package.
[Won't the UHC destroy the private health insurance industry?] First, the private healthcare insurance companies we have today also provide insurance for vehicles, etc.
Second. As I've said, the UHC will cover 90-95% of services. The private industry can fill the gap. It can be comfort services, luxury hospital services, expensive dental transplants.
Third. Private insurance has been around for 20 years yet their coverage is only ~20% with the annual compensation being only ֏7b. Compare that to Healthcare Ministry's ֏700b expenditures.
[When asked about possible long queue lines and impact on quality if the services become free.] The international experience shows that it takes 5-6 months for people to learn about the new system and apply. It reaches a peak. We analyzed our healthcare system and believe that in general, it won't cause big issues because we have the resources. Of course, long lines could form for specific doctors/centers with an excellent reputation, but the system as a whole can handle it.
[What about doctors asking cash "under the table".] That's already illegal. To address this issue, while calculating the cost of medical services, we also took into account the true workforce expenses. We didn't just look at petpatver doctors' average salary, we also took into account the revenue generated from paid services. We also examined the so-called "unofficial payments" to adjust the size of salary, which was taken into account while calculating the expected cost of medical services.
[What about covering farmers who aren't "visible" in any registry today?] We're still discussing the agricultural part. We need to identify them. The government could offer them various subsidies if they join the insurance system.
[What now?] We're holding talks with the Finance, Social, and Economy Ministries to finalize the program. Once the government approves the draft, several laws will be amended.
[Who will manage the system?] The discussions about the need to have UHC date back to 1997. The state insurance agency was founded. It's currently part of a Ministry and handles state-funded purchases, etc. We will transform this institute into the insurance foundation that handles the system. //
It's expected to launch in 2023.
https://youtu.be/Se3PXPWtGSM https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1073291.html https://youtu.be/fTI4Vm8nZvc
Tags: #UniversalHealthcare #UHC
Artsakh has expanded free healthcare starting January 1 State Minister Beglaryan: we've increased healthcare expenditures by 23% to $31m. There won't be any paid [necessary] medical services starting this year. [Cosmetic] procedures will be excluded. We will take steps to improve the governing efficiency of the system. I think we'll have good news later this year.
... education sector salaries in Artsakh will increase by avg. 20% Higher education will remain free. We plan to implement serious strategic reforms in education. In September, Anania Shirakatsy International Academy will be opened in Artsakh, and it will be a branch of the Yerevan Anania Shirakatsy school.e
... tuition subsidies for Artsakh IDPs living in Armenia Artsakh government will subsidize 50% of their Bachelor's degrees.
... pensions & benefits have increased avg. 20% in Artsakh This year the social protection budget alone is ֏52.6 billion, significantly higher than last year.
... 2,862 apartments are being built in Artsakh 1,699 with state funds, 1071 with Himnadram, 92 with other charities.
Hundreds of apartment keys were given last year. 16,000 IDPs currently live in Artsakh. They live in temporary shelters and state-subsidized rentals.
Within the next 1-2 years the number of IDPs living in Armenia will sharply decrease. We've reached an agreement with the Armenian government for them to provide a choice to a certain group of IDPs to receive housing in Armenia instead of Artsakh.
... employment opportunities There are enough jobs for men in the fields of construction and security. There is demand for women in the textile industry but the salaries are low so companies have difficulty hiring. We're trying to find ways to increase wages. We need to synchronize education and the labor market.
... about the construction of new Armenia-Artsakh replacement road The discussions continue. 2025 is not the "construction" deadline, it's the "design" deadline. We have time to discuss various options.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1073264.html https://armenpress.am/eng/news/1073264/ https://youtu.be/fArqVqHmixE https://factor.am/464648.html https://youtu.be/Gp7yXdMsQhQ https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/229496 www.civilnet.am/news/646801/անվճար-բժշկություն-ներված-վարկեր-սոց․-հատուցումներ․-դրվագներ-արցախի-պետնախարարի-ասուլիսից/
Covid stats 4.6k tested, 360 infected, 61 healed, 2 deaths.
Georgia is going through the 6th wave 7.5k infected, 31 died. Omicron is expected to completely take over by the end of this month. The average omicron age is 34.
opposition MP insists that the government should subsidize the PCR tests for unvaccinated workers The PCR-or-vaccine requirement was introduced to convince the population to get vaccinated. The Ministry said the move led to a sharp increase in the vax rate. The Constitutional court later dealt a partial blow to the effort by ruling that the Healthcare Ministry has no authority to require workers to pay out of pocket for the tests. It did not rule that the government must pay for the test, however, leaving a gap that led to a debate on who should pay. Ministry noted that unvaccinated workers are still required to get tested.
HD MP Vardevanyan: the Court ruling does not say the donors or worker's friends should pay for the PCR test. It says the state must take measures based on the idea of social solidarity. IMO that means the state should pay for the tests since the minimum wage is only 5x higher than the cost of the test. The Court did not flat-out require this because that's the job of the legislature. //
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1073242.html https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1073263.html https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1073289.html
2020 pandemic led to cancer being diagnosed at later stages 2016: 45% is detected during Stage I-II
2019: 50%
2020: 42%
25% at Stage III, 33% at Stage IV.
asset forfeiture: prosecutors need more evidence before taking on ex-police chief Vladimir Gasparyan in court Gasparyan is accused of $4 million financial crimes and using the Defense Ministry as a money-making-office for his family members. He is among hundreds of public officials accused of embezzling and laundering funds.
The new law about asset forfeiture makes it easier to recover stolen funds, but it still requires sufficient evidence in court.
Prosecutors have asked the Anti-Corruption Committee (ACC) to launch a new investigation. The ACC criticized the move, saying the prosecutors were given enough evidence.
Prosecutors dismissed ACC's criticism, saying "prosecutor's office must be objective". They asked ACC to conduct further investigation and send more evidence.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1073307.html https://www.reddit.com/armenia/comments/rcqlsz/dec92021_expolice_chief_gasparyan_family_charged/ https://factor.am/464919.html
European Court of Human Rights sides with Pashinyan in post-March 1, 2008 case Pashinyan had sued Armenia (Serj administration) but did not demand monetary compensation. The court has ruled that his rights to freedom, personal immunity, and assembly were violated. He was jailed between 2009-2011.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1073315.html https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/229486
Economy Ministry hosted a meeting about boosting textile industry's productivity Deputy Minister: A new program has launched with the help of the EU and UK. The goal is to have a stable and inclusive textile industry. Textile is among Armenia's main strategic priorities.
The program will find ways to increase the product value and to make it more competitive amid Armenia's exclusion from the GSP+ trade system. [Europe believes Armenia has become too rich to take advantage of GSP+, which eliminated many import taxes.]
Female participation reaches 95% in this industry. One of the goals is to contribute to the economic empowerment of women. //
his paintings look like photos https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/229440
VIDEO: the new sport "Techball" reaches Armenia It's one of the youngest sports in the world, founded in Hungary. It's a combination of soccer, ping pong, and volleyball.
Armenians can join local clubs now. Armenia will be represented during international tournaments in 2022.
https://youtu.be/CCj-3Qc7CwM https://www.panarmenian.net/arm/news/297929/
Nerkin Getashen will have a new $3.6 million secondary school complex The school will consist of six buildings and serve the village and nearby communities of Gegharkunik. One of the buildings was finished not long ago. The complex should be ready in 26 months. Funded by feds.
bill approved: private school students in 1-4 grades will also receive free textbooks Parliament voted 89-0-10 to approve the ruling party's bill to expand textbook coverage to private schools.
From last week:
Bill author QP Sisak Gabrielyan: The law prohibited the sale of textbooks to the >40 private schools that exist in Armenia. At the same time, a contradicting law required them to use the same textbooks and curriculum in classes. That meant schools had to scramble to find the textbooks from elsewhere. There are over 4,000 elementary students in private schools. They, too, should qualify for the state subsidy. //
bill approved: large transactions will have to be done electronically Last year the government drafted the bill to promote digital transactions over cash and to reduce corruption. Today the Parliament voted 68-28-5 to approve the bill.
Loans above $160 will have to be issued electronically, or those above $60 starting 2024.
$600 threshold for transactions by individual entrepreneurs and organizations. $1,000 threshold between individuals.
Details: www.civilnet.am/news/646704/անկանխիկ-գործարքների-մասին-նոր-օրենքն-ընդունվեց-աժ-ի-կողմից/
High Tech Memester met EBRD bank to discuss fast internet and digitization programs Minister Khachaturyan and the European bank's representative met on Tuesday. Vahagn Khachaturyan presented the work that's being done to develop high-speed internet and digitalization standards. EBRD offered help.
They also discussed financial sources to implement digital governance and develop the high-tech industry.
Bayraktar drone designer is disavowed by his own masters MIT professor Max Tegmark: I am ashamed that we gave Selcuk Bayraktar education here.
Selcuk Bayraktar responds: A so-called academician, whose name I heard for the first time, said in an interview about Karabakh, ‘We are ashamed that we trained Selcuk Bayraktar.’ You should be ashamed of the genocide and massacres you have done. We've returned Karabakh lands and we're proud. //
Erdogan's son-in-law Bayraktar basically accused others of committing Genocide. 🥂
https://factor.am/464993.html https://www.diglogs.com/turkey/response-from-selcuk-bayraktar-to-the-professor-who-said-i-am-ashamed-that-we-gave-him-education-be-ashamed-of-the-genocides-you-have-committed/
famous Armenian businessman's famous Russian wife receives Armenian citizenship Putin has a billionaire friend named Arkady Rotenberg. He builds bridges and mansions. He divorced his wife Natalia in 2013.
She went on to marry Armenian businessman HHK MP Tigran Arzakantsyan (Great Valley wine) and began establishing joint businesses in Armenia.
Last year Natalia claimed harassment from a group sent from Russia:

radical terrorists from Chechnya captured my villa in France. They kicked out my guards, seized the home, smashed and replaced the locks, and established a base there
According to a report that aired on French television, some 30 armed men infiltrated the villa and forced out its inhabitants.
Fast forward to 2022. Natalia gets an Armenian citizneship.
https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/229500 https://meduza.io/en/feature/2021/07/27/radical-terrorists-from-chechnya https://hetq.am/en/article/111917 https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1331967590548902
Azeri prosecutors: another opposition figure mysteriously beats the shit out of himself It's Musavat party member Tofig Yagublu who beat himself up, not the police, concluded the genius prosecutors. Yagublu is seen with black eyes larger than the twerking butts you normally see in American rap videos.
The prosecutors came to that conclusion after hearing the accounts from obviously-impartial police officers.
Yagublu was arrested while protesting the arrest of another opposition activist. The US embassy had condemned the harsh treatment of protesters at the time.
Azeri shepherd explodes on a landmine northeast of Talish (Artsakh) He survived but the leg did not. The incident happened in Tapqaraqoyunlu village.
Turkey will deliver gas to Nakhijevan via Igdir pipeline The construction of the Igdi-Nakhijevan gas pipe will begin this year, per June 2020 agreement. Turkey will invest 185 million lira. Nakhijevan will receive 500 million m3 gas annually.
The move would sideline Iranian gas sales to [Nakhijevan] and help Ankara get back in Washington’s good graces.
Nakhchivan has been importing Iranian gas under a swap agreement between Baku and Tehran inked in 2004
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1073288.html https://eurasianet.org/turkey-to-build-gas-pipeline-to-supply-nakhchivan
Foreign Minister of France criticized Aliyev after his rant about OSCE, France, and United States Aliyev had accused France of being pro-Armenian and said he would have ordered French presidential candidate be arrested in Artsakh had he known that she had crossed Lachin "without permission".
French MFA publicly criticized Aliyev's statement as "unacceptable" after being urged by 242 French politicians and public figures. They sent a complaint note to the Azeri embassy in France.
parts from an interview with Republic party leader Aram Sargsyan (Vazgen's brother) Reporter: what's your party's stance on the normalization of AM-TR relations? Are the risks manageable?
Aram: I agree with negotiations without preconditions, but when it's done in Moscow, it's not a two-way negotiation. Anything you say in Moscow is heard and analyzed by Kremlin. Russia doesn't want Armenia and Turkey to have direct contacts. They want to continue to sell their role as a mediator in the region.
We should hold a direct dialogue with Turkey. We have many issues to discuss. There is a water issue, 40,000 Armenian worker migrants living in Turkey, trade, etc. All of this should be discussed without mediators. It's not beneficial for any country to live with closed borders.
We need to understand that we lost the war. A new situation was developed. Not learning lessons will lead to more losses. We should also take into account what the world is offering us today. The whole civilized society is encouraging us to normalize relations with Turkey. Joe Biden urged Erdogan to open the border. We should take advantage of what's available.
In 2018 we chose democracy. That's why the premier was invited to Biden's democracy summit in December, while NATO member and "US ally" Turkey was not. Azerbaijan and Russia weren't invited, either. Armenia has its place in the democratic world. This is what differentiates us and this is what can give us success. Otherwise, any country that remains until Russia's influence finds itself in Lukashenko's shoes. [About Russia wanting to swallow Belarus as a "union state".]
Reporter: days ago Aliyev criticized the US and France for being "pro-Armenian".
Aram: Aliyev has found himself entangled. He understands that for him not to gradually turn into a Lukashenko, he must get rid of Russian presence in Azerbaijan. Heydar Aliyev did everything possible to separate Azerbaijan from Russia. The youth won't remember this, but there was a Gabala radar base in Azerbaijan that was crucially important for Russia. He kicked Russians out, winning appeasement from the West. He brought large Western investments to his country and made it strong. It allowed his son to wage war and take 9 regions... but at the cost of Russia entering the region again.
Today, Russia has a real influence on Azerbaijan. Azeri opposition can weaponize this against Aliyev. There are Azeris who criticize him for not accepting Serj Sargsyan's [2011] offer to give 7 regions. "Did we give this many deaths just so Karabakh can remain Armenian?"
Reporter: one of the most famous criticisms is, "If Karabakh is Azerbaijan, why don't you [can't you] go there?"
Aram: Absolutely. They also say Heydar liberated us from Russia and now you brought them back, as a result of which, Nakihjevan will remain part of Turkey, while Azerbaijan will be split between Russia and Iran. These accusations exist in Azerbaijan. Aliyev understands this. How can Aliyev get rid of the Russian presence now? There are two options.
First option. Use the Minsk Group. Aliyev himself can support certain legal status for Karabakh. He contacts Minsk Group to launch a peacekeeping mission. Minsk Group says "thank you, bye" to Russia, and replaces them with international peacekeepers. This way Karabakh, at minimum, will have the same status as Turkish Cyprus: Unrecognized but has right to elections, banking system, etc.
Aliyev understands that Russia might not leave Karabakh after 4 years, so he is trying to find a solution for this. He is trying to force Armenia to recognize Azerbaijan's territorial integrity so it can tell Russia, "See, even Armenia recognizes us, you can leave Karabakh now". Aliyev is basically trying the impossible.
Aliyev is confused. If you want to exit the sphere of Russian influence, you must have the support of the West. You shouldn't insult Europe by telling their co-chairs to "retire".
Reporter: what if Aliyev is trash-talking the West to appease Russia because it's the key regional player?
Aram: He is trying to play in both fields, but it won't work. The Armenian government is also trying the same, which cannot last forever.
Turkey and Azerbaijan did not enter Stepanakert due to concerns about pressure from the West and accusations of ethnic cleansings. //
Continue: https://youtu.be/6Ip9mD6l6hY?t=1330
Yerevan circus will have new lighting effects and benches for 2,500 audience The director hopes the circus will open its doors later this year after the lengthy reconstruction [for a decade now?]. They are yet to import some items from Russia.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1073232.html https://armenpress.am/eng/news/706953/armenian-circus-to-meet-all-international-standards-after-reconstruction.html
PHOTO: French Institute will open in Yerevan's Cascade Ex-ambassador Lacôte: the French government has officially approved the initiative. This was a joint effort with the Aznavour Foundation. The Institute will be located near the Aznavour Center on Yerevan's Cascade. It will be engaged in implementing education, cultural, and humanitarian programs. //
https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/229487 https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1073280.html
Armenia will send 6 athletes to Beijing Winter Olympics Four skiers and two figure skaters. Read Monday news for details about the Armenian skiing championship that ended yesterday ahead of the Olympics.
Apple Pay finally comes to six Armenian banks
People can now make contactless payments after adding their card to the Wallet app on iPhone and Apple Watch.
The banks are Acba, Ardshinbank, Ameriabank, Converse Bank, Inecobank, and Unibank.
https://www.imore.com/apple-pay-comes-armenia-six-different-banks https://armenpress.am/eng/news/1073255/
more Yesterday's news in English and русский (by Impossible-Ad-).
News archive: http://www.armeniapedia.org/wiki/Daily_Anti-Corruption_Reports Donations: soldiers' families, humanitarian aid, US tax-deductible donation.
The accused are innocent unless proven guilty in the court of law, even if they "appear" guilty.
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2022.01.18 17:31 awesomeissa06 He's too smart to be left alive

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2022.01.18 17:31 Toxetor Billy Sharp is now joint with David Nugent for most Championship goals at 121 goals.

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2022.01.18 17:31 Minimum_Specialist22 Not gonna lie I feel like the exchange that John is talking about is our own. The fact that he stated that we're working on PR and communication and now on the discord he keeps stating that whole "disclaimer...if everything goes as planned it should be happening " idk it feels like a surprise drop

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2022.01.18 17:31 ShipwreckDD I’m new to the Jeep scene but I just ordered a 2022 Willy’s well below MSRP. During my research, I saw a lot of posts here where people don’t know they can beat MSRP price at several volume dealers. Better yet, use those prices to get your local dealers to match (that’s what I did).

I’m new to the Jeep scene but I just ordered a 2022 Willy’s well below MSRP. During my research, I saw a lot of posts here where people don’t know they can beat MSRP price at several volume dealers. Better yet, use those prices to get your local dealers to match (that’s what I did). submitted by ShipwreckDD to JeepWrangler [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 17:31 Illustrious-Reach-74 You already know😏

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2022.01.18 17:31 cgrierdgn Average spaghetti fan vs. average mozzarella maker

Average spaghetti fan vs. average mozzarella maker
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2022.01.18 17:31 ItsStuffy Remember When London Was a Great Place

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