Completing my journey in Against the storm. had fun playing the game. wish if there was more unreleased titles that i can try

2022.01.18 17:27 ahmxxad Completing my journey in Against the storm. had fun playing the game. wish if there was more unreleased titles that i can try

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2022.01.18 17:27 wopp223 Quando dissing king von in this song I never noticed lol

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2022.01.18 17:27 orangecrush8 Seen a lot of jaw dropping prices, this one is up there.

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2022.01.18 17:27 clickreload Insurance hurdle

I'm wondering if anyone else has run into a similar issue. We went through an egg retrieval this past September with a transfer in October that, unfortunately, resulted in a miscarriage. We are scheduled for a transfer of one of my three remaining embryos in March, which my insurance is apparently not covering.
When we signed up for this insurance, all we were told was that we were covered for two cycles (which my clinic defines as retrieval plus associated transfers). Upon calling my insurance, they define a cycle as an independent retrieval and independent transfer. Which would mean I could, technically by their guideline, go for another retrieval and a transfer but they won't cover my additional embryos. Meaning I either pay out of pocket or....well the other option hurts to think about.
I feel lied to at the outset of this process but it seems no one defines a "cycle" the same way any way. I doubt there is any legal recourse as their literature does outline that protocol/definement. Just looking to see if others have dealt with similar issues and what you've done or were able to do. A transfer on its own oop is $4k with my current clinic as a cost reference.
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2022.01.18 17:27 xR3yN4rdx I'll sleep well tonight

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2022.01.18 17:27 Dream_Artz I make thumbnails for eSports and other content creator 10$ Per thumbnail DM If ur Interested.

My Portfolio Behance
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2022.01.18 17:27 goldfish1028 7 months no contact qmom

TLDR: mom got dragged into trump/qanon nonsense and skipped my wedding
It’s now been 7 months since I’ve talked to my mom. Some days it doesn’t feel real.
Growing up my mom and I were very close. My mom is an educated woman. She’s a master’s graduate, retired from over 30 years of teaching advanced placement science classes. She was always so proud that I became a physician and would introduce me (much to my embarrassment) as “my daughter the doctor”.
I don’t know when the switch flipped, but I suspect her relationship with my stepdad played a big role in it. While I had suspected that my stepdad leaned conservative and I knew he held some hateful/uneducated views (which I only discovered after a conversation about Islam), we rarely talked politics/religion so honestly, it never came up a lot. I would politely disagree with any misinformed/hateful opinions and because my mom and stepdad are so polite they would usually just say something like “I guess we have more research to do”. There were never any heated debates/shouting matches
A couple of years ago I came home to the house covered in Trump memorabilia. I was so confused. I stupidly assumed that because my mom and step-dad were both so educated and mild-mannered that they could never support someone like Trump. My fiance and I were shocked and we started to distance ourselves from spending time in their home since every time we came over there was an unending stream of fox news in the background. I should have pushed harder at that point but didn’t know what was to come.
When covid hit I was one of the first people to be vaccinated as a healthcare worker. I spent a lot of time educating family and friends since there was a lot of fear surrounding the changes and a new vaccine. I noticed that last summer my mom kept coming up with excuses for why she didn’t have the vaccine yet. First, it was that she wanted to wait to see how people responded to the 2nd dose, then it was that they were on vacation, and the third time she cited scheduling issues. She reassured me multiple times she would get vaccinated.
I live in California now and my mom and stepdad were planning on flying out for my wedding in August 2021. I sent my mom a text noting that we would likely be unable to get into many restaurants without her covid vaccination card and to make sure to bring it with her. She emailed me back (as a response to my text) that she had decided not to get vaccinated and that we wouldn’t need to go to any restaurants that required vaccination cards. I was floored. I tried to call her multiple times but she would not pick up. I left her a voicemail to call me asap as the wedding was only 4 weeks away at that point. I sent her another texting noting that my father-in-law, who is immunocompromised, would be there and that we all had to be vaccinated for his safety. She responded again via email that she had read the guidelines for the county I live in and that she would be getting a covid test prior to getting on the plane, but she was still not planning on getting vaccinated. At that I point I set a hard boundary via text, no vaccine no wedding. She didn’t respond.
My wedding came and went and my mother did not show up. No texts, no calls, no email. I must have called her 20 times and my stepdad too, but they never picked up. No interest in talking it out, just radio silence.
The wedding was lovely, I feel bad for them that they didn’t get to experience it.
My mom sent me a single email after the wedding. It was the link to a Qanon website by someone named Dr. Charlie Ward. All the email said was “you need to know the truth”. I didn’t respond and I haven’t responded to any of the subsequent creepy text messages she’s sent me. These texts ranged from hateful comments aimed at me, to photos of me as a kid, to a very deranged message that she sent me on my honeymoon noting that she was planning on killing my dad, who she hasn’t seen or talked to since 2006.
I reached out to my family to try and check on her, as I was worried about her mental state, but everyone who is still in contact with her stated that she was otherwise behaving normally, which means that all of this was just anger directed at me for holding my ground about the vaccine.
I miss the woman my mom used to be, but I don’t know who this person is anymore. I get angry a lot thinking about all the lies she’s been fed and about the choices she’s decided to make. It’s hard not to approach any encounter with anti-vaxxers, including those with my own patients, from a place of anger. I want to remain calm, I want to educate, and I want to do my part to be better than all the lies out there, but somedays I’m just so angry. Work and life during covid has been hard and I miss my mom.
Sorry for the wall of text. This community has been very healing for me to read through knowing that I am not alone in my anger.
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2022.01.18 17:27 ellagraceggs New polka dot begonia came in the mail today, it looks like this. Is there any saving it?

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2022.01.18 17:27 Sebssz Augustus Glock - Shooting by the chocolate river

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2022.01.18 17:27 LeoDicapriGOAT LF Exeggcute HA & Shroomish, FT Master Ball or Apri Ball

Looking for a hidden ability Exeggcute and Shroomish. Can offer Master Ball and any Apri Ball. Message me to step up a trade.
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2022.01.18 17:27 terapinrex I present to you the purest distillation of mall ninja neckbeard q cospatriot

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2022.01.18 17:27 alexxlind Help! Baby will NOT nap with me

Hi all,
I just started a job with a five month old little girl. She is super cute and sweet but definitely has some separation anxiety with mom and dad.
Here’s the issue: parents told me that the only way she can go to sleep is by rocking her and having her fall asleep in your arms and transferring her to the crib.
I can’t even get to that point. The minute I put her in the sleep sac she starts screaming. And I mean really screaming- she wouldn’t even take a breath.
If you have any tips or tricks please please please share them!!
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2022.01.18 17:27 TheRazorX The MLK Jr. they don't teach in school

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2022.01.18 17:27 sw1tch_ r2

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2022.01.18 17:27 tittyfacejenkins Me (m32) and a dollar general Princess (f28) hit it off, crash and burn, to pursue or not?

So I'm out with my buddy, chasing good time Charley, chopping it up, playing bar games. Just a stunner of a lady walks in with a couple of her friends and makes eyes at me for about an hour. One of her friends approaches us and asks if they can play in with us. We oblige, as we are damn gentlemen.
The girl that asked to play, went to rally her troops. When they come find us, the girl that had been eyeballing me, shows up with a beer for me. Pretty cool I thought, good ice breaker for the old girl. We talk and play. We really start to hit it off, she proceeds to buy another beer for me. I'm astounded - she may actually like me, also, I feel like a mooch. So we start getting a bit more friendly and shit is going REALLY well. She proceeds to ask if I would like her number (she... asks ME, get the fuck out, right?) because she really likes me and wants to hang out again. So I take the number, verify it's real with a joking call right then. Cool, done deal, put on a clinic.
We proceed into 3 more hours of the night. It becomes like a freaking country music video. There were multiple points where I was like 'is this really happening'. We sing, we dance, we joke, we play games. She then initiates minor physical contact that slowly progesses through the night to a kiss. Cool. Been down the road enough to realize, this is just good bar fun that will likely go nowhere.
Fast forward 2 more hours, by the later stages of the night, we've made plans for a (2nd ? ) date - she's also made mention SEVERAL times that she will be very disappointed if I don't text her the next day. I reassured her I would. We stayed till they kicked us out.
In the walk to our cars, her textual insecurities, by proxy, got my insecurities going. So in the death throw throes of conversation I say "if I'm just a reprieve from reality, or you are going to ignore my texts, just tell me now - as I'd much rather take the night for what it was, with no expectations, than be hopeful just to be embarrassed when you ignore me". She stops, wraps her arms around me, kisses me, and says " does that clear it up that I'll text back?" Uhhh yup, pretty clear!
Now if you're reading this and thinking - ohhh yeah, this dipshit got played - she ghosted the fuck outta him. Yeah, you'd be totally correct. I'm usually a pretty savvy cat with knowing when I'm being played or when someone isn't actually interested. However, this one got me, touchè to her. Not even a single goddamn response - like, send a poop emoji or something, I'll figure it out, Jesus!
My advice question is: I texted her once, a few days ago... Instinct, common sense, and pride tell me to be done with it and not to text her again. But let's face it, I'm a guy, and the old peener say "ahh fuck it, send one more message out big fella, you have 'no' now, so you can't fuck it up" Is it sad, desperate, or in bad taste to be like hey, here's another message, after you clearly weren't interested in the first one? I mean, imo, she threw some pretty clear signs out.. or so I thought.
TLDR; she was all up in my bidness, begs me to text her next day, I do - then absolutely no response. Should I send out one more message?
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2022.01.18 17:27 Scy_Nation How are you even supposed to tackle these types of bases? [ Can get all types of siege machines and cc troops - King 30 - Queen asleep - All troops except miners,hogs,minions,valks are max level ]

How are you even supposed to tackle these types of bases? [ Can get all types of siege machines and cc troops - King 30 - Queen asleep - All troops except miners,hogs,minions,valks are max level ] submitted by Scy_Nation to ClashOfClans [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 17:27 jrutd What’s your favourite album from 2010-2015?

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2022.01.18 17:27 JoKye-MFH First time playing, first time getting burnt

So today I decided to try this game for the first time, I enjoyed the character customization and building my own little house for the begging, I got a job, started learning programing and playing games for level and somewhere around day 4 I think I wanted to cook something... Yeah... It started a fire, I pressed the "call the fire team" but my sim won't leave the oven so fast forward 30 second's my sim died and I watched the gream reaper laugh at my dead body... Best time of my life 😂😂😂 
Also need advice on how to begging and ways to make money, no cheat or something, fair play, nice to meet you people ! 🔥♥
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2022.01.18 17:27 purplenightdreamer Individuals who had an unprivileged childhood/adolescence, what steps did you take to have a privileged adulthood?

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2022.01.18 17:27 TrickRadish5694 35F wants to talk to anyone about their relationship experience, life, and future

So far, I have lost too many friends I once had. since I came to America. My friends are getting fewer and fewer. After coming to a new environment, I slowly began to adapt to life here.

English is not my first language, so it's harder for me to make friends here, so that's why I'm posting here.
Also I'm new to reddit and this is my first post here.

I look forward to hearing from you very much, I like to make friends with older people, if we are going to meet for coffee, if you are too young, many people think we are mother and son.
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2022.01.18 17:27 vacantobsessions ADIAML Set List

This is how I think she’ll do the ADIMAL Tour set list, lmk what you guys think
The Family Jewels:
Guaranteed songs: Oh No! Hermit the Frog I Am Not A Robot
Some shows: Numb Seventeen Obsessions Hollywood (only because of the newest album) Are You Satisfied?
Electra Heart
Guaranteed Songs: Bubblegum Bitch How to be a Heartbreaker (encore) Primadonna Teen Idle
Some shows: Lies Homewrecker Starring Role Radioactive
Dream song is Buy the Stars but I highly doubt it’ll happen
Guaranteed songs: Froot Blue Can’t Pin Me Down Savages
Some shows: I’m a Ruin Solitaire Happy Forget
Love + Fear
Guaranteed songs: Handmade Heaven To Be Human Emotional Machine Karma
Some shows: True Enjoy Your Life Believe in Love Life is Strange
Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land:
Guaranteed (the most bc of the era): Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land will be the opener Venus Fly Trap (encore) Purge the Poison Goodbye (ending song) Man’s world Pink Convertible I Love You But I Love Me More
Some shows: Free Woman Happy Loner Flowers Highly emotional people New America Pandoras Box
Lmk what you guys think
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2022.01.18 17:27 velvettwilight Being disrespected at work

I am not a mean person, truly, i know it weird to say this in writing but i’m really not a nasty, awful person that picks on people for no good reason, neither am i condescending or patronising. I’ve always been confident, nice enough to make plenty of friends, i get along with people in general, rarely do i have major problems or fights with others. Yet, since i’ve started at my new job, i’ve been made fun of and picked on more than my entire high school life. I don’t know what i did wrong but for some reasons, my coworkers enjoy poking fun at me for no reason. I tried laughing it off when it was just one guy but others joined in and i couldn’t take it anymore. So one day, i just snapped.
There’s this ongoing joke that i don’t work hard at work because when I first started, meaning my first week, i didn’t pull my weight enough. Obviously by my third week i was in full swing but the guys I work with, because there’s only two other girls that work at my place and I don’t see them that often since their work hours are different, still joke around about it. Highly exaggerated of course, they act like I fucking stood in a corner and stared into space for ten hours. I did my job of course. I could handle the jokes, even if they made me feel like shit, I didn’t want to be that person that can’t handle a joke at their expense every now and again. I would joke back or laugh it off. That was until one brand new coworker, who honestly was just a compete dickhead to begin with fuck I hate him so bad, that had just started a few days ago began joining in with the jokes and that’s when i just got so sick in my stomach. It was after most of the customers left and the place was pretty quiet, we were standing around, talking and then the conversation stirred toward me. One of our regular customers, who we all hate, said he applied to start working at our store and when he left the guys were laughing about it, talking about how he’d never get hired and then one worker said “can you imagine working with him? He wouldn’t do shit. He’d make *** look good”.
I just so sick y’all, I was almost finishing a eleven hour shift, no lunch, forgot to go on my break and the guy who made the joke was a new part timer who just clocked in. I blew up on them, when they finished laughing because gosh it was so funny eh? I asked them what the fuck was their problems, how they were all dickheads and told them all to go fuck themselves. I also told them I’d go to the manager and let him know how I felt about the way I was being treated by them (everyone is terrified of our manger). They were so shocked it was insane, did they really have no idea I didn’t like the jokes?
Idk, maybe it was because they were all men, older than me (I’m 18) and i just felt so tired of being ridiculed and patronised but i couldn’t handle it anymore, not when i had some guy who JUST started cracking hurtful jokes. It’s like he saw the way they treated me, constantly being demeaning and thought— aah this is my calling, lemme join in real quick.
Now at work, we do not converse, don’t talk unless necessary and we are very civil with each other. I have four other male coworkers (for some reason the girls i work with are never this way with me, we get along so well) and they act like i’m some hysterical monster that’s going to erupt if they say good morning. I was just so sick of being picked on and made fun of and being the one that everyone is laughing at, it didn’t feel good. Like i would be wiping down a table and one of them would walk past and say, “wow! i didn’t know ** could clean” “finally ** is doing some work around here” like i haven’t been doing a overtime hour shift for the last three days. It got to them calling me stupid when i’d ask them a question about anything tbh, or an idiot. I hated the way new coworkers were joining in, i just wanted to be friends with them, i wanted to just get along and be a team. I know i screwed it up, but they knew i didn’t like those jokes, i never laughed at them. i told them it felt hurtful, now i’m not a good team player? now i’m excluded for conversations and feel like an outsider? why? because i just wanted to be treated well and with a little respect? Im glad the jokes have stopped and they barley meet my eye. it’s better than whatever the fuck was going on before. i was dreading going to work every morning, i would just sob on the bus ride home. i don’t anymore and I’m content with that. Sure work would be so much more fun if we got along with one another but I truly don’t care if they think I was being sensitive or emotional about it. I knew it was bad when my supervisor (who is also a woman) asked me one day why I let them talk to me like that. Just constant constant demeaning things, all the god damn time like just be nice please, I’m begging you, just be kind. If I had to scream at them till they thought me unhinged, then so be it. At least now they don’t dare to crack even the smallest of jokes around me, even if I just want to joke around a little and chat with them. Oh well, I’d rather feel bored at work than I’m the verge of tears everyday.
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2022.01.18 17:27 23chrampanic Tunnel

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2022.01.18 17:27 Lawrofessor Do you have to hand in both your first and second semester report cards for junior year?

Kinda bombed the first semester report card, seeing if there is still a chance if the second report card is better...
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2022.01.18 17:27 Styelsy Today's look to run some errands

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