a little scenario i made.

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2022.01.18 16:19 Kastleko a little scenario i made.

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2022.01.18 16:19 mecharoy What is the total energy (KE and PE) of a ball inside a ring balancer which is rotating?

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2022.01.18 16:19 Simonn3413 Per non dimenticare la FAMIGLIOLAAH (scusate il repost)

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2022.01.18 16:19 Niragaki77 outro meme de Cobra Kai

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2022.01.18 16:19 electricwave66 helping in study....

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2022.01.18 16:19 hateiseasier How do you get past the filters to post, it's so frustrating?

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2022.01.18 16:19 mugglewayne Best Scenery for Mega Parks?

I play classic on my iPad so selection is limited. I’m not opposed to custom scenery. Always looking for good roof sets.
I find myself never selecting the right packs or ending up with little to no variation in theme.
What are some packs you all recommend for going into a mega park with no real theming plan in mind?
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2022.01.18 16:19 ASmallCommunist Is there a "Le Festin" hardstyle remix?

I'm a music newbie. I love to listen but I have no clue how editing or creating stuff works. Might sound stupid but for some reason I would really like to hear a hardstyle version of "Le festin". I tried finding one but there was nothing (if there is could you please let me know). After searching the web i wanted to try make my own but quickly realised I am a sausage with no fingers and no brain. Where could I commision someone to remix it. Also what is the price range and work required to make one of these hardstyle remixes?
Thank you for reading (:
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2022.01.18 16:19 itrustpeople Bărbat condamnat la închisoare cu executare pentru că a omorât un câine. Sentința este prima de acest fel în România

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2022.01.18 16:19 PowerjanniesCantWin Turks of Reddit, why do you guys desperately try to pass as Europeans instead of just admitting you're Middle Easterners?

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2022.01.18 16:19 thegold2 Timeless Ape Club is a collection of 8,888 unique, algorithmically generated Timeless Apes, uniting Watch fanatics globally! Our mission is to take the watch community to the next level! $350,000 worth of Watch giveaways, Patek, AP, Rolex includedJoin our Discord @ https://discord.gg/timelessapeclub

Timeless Ape Club is a collection of 8,888 unique, algorithmically generated Timeless Apes, uniting Watch fanatics globally! Our mission is to take the watch community to the next level! $350,000 worth of Watch giveaways, Patek, AP, Rolex includedJoin our Discord @ https://discord.gg/timelessapeclub submitted by thegold2 to NFTmarket [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 16:19 RavenBlade87 Daily SBC group I objectives gone but didn’t see the final days challenge come up

This is so annoying I did every daily sbc as soon as I saw it, now group II is out and I didn’t get the group rewards from the first one 🥺
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2022.01.18 16:19 Rasvaaja Finally my life is complete 1000+337

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2022.01.18 16:19 Ts_U4 Gaming Insiders be like:

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2022.01.18 16:19 Funnybuthonest I’m using T Modloader, kinda new to it. Got some questions.

I’m using Calamity first off, can I use other mods along side it? What mods do y’all recommend and can I change the music to like Mario Soundtracks? I like chaos and just stupid shit but nothing to make me unkillable or OP. Lemme know!! :)
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2022.01.18 16:19 Fancy_Chick37 Trying to work

Hello Everyone
I just need to vent to be honest I feel I a have a fucked up life. I had my son in September before that I was working getting jobs like crazy now I can't even get one damn job to hire me unless it's low paying not even enough to take care of my son and me. I applied for so many jobs since I had him he's 4 months and I love him so much. Now I feel like if I didn't had him I would still be working like wtf I can't find a decent baby sitter half the time I don't trust nobody with him. I feel like am falling apart so fast sometimes I think my BF thinks am not trying but I'm so hard and it's so werid to me that I cant get a job I just wanna punch my old job boss in the face.
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2022.01.18 16:19 AceAroPyschopath See how insane it sounds?

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2022.01.18 16:19 bellybuttoncream All because of me

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2022.01.18 16:19 dragnilar IAMA Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft and now I RULE THE WORLD OF WARCRAFT and will conduct MODERN WARFARE across it with my legions of SPARTANS and naked blue and purple AI Night elves using AZURE AND WINDOWS, AMA!!!

Don't AMA about Billy Gates, I hate that guy. He asked my daughter point blank "would you like to have sexual intercourse with me at 630 pm sharp?". I kicked his ass with my level 500 Death Knight.
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2022.01.18 16:18 Sad_Divide_2133 Is this little guy worth maxing out???

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2022.01.18 16:18 MegLT94 WUSTL A!!!!!

After crying like a baby and posting about my lack of an A this morning, I just now got an email with my acceptance!! Let this be a lesson to me to let the universe do its thing
(Now I’m crying cuz of the A… damn my emotional instability)
Applied 11/15 and interviewed 11/29.
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2022.01.18 16:18 ICWiener6666 A nice opening tactic puzzle from the Definitive Guide to Horde Chess

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2022.01.18 16:18 Hot-Conference8049 I'm 14, my girlfriend want's to have sex. I know we are both under the age, but I want advice?

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2022.01.18 16:18 CameronPuncher What is NAC and is it worth taking?

Basically the title, I had someone recommend it to me last night saying it was good for skin/acne but I’ve never heard of it. Thanks.
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2022.01.18 16:18 calliecoping Overdrafted and overwhelmed

Hi! I am so grateful to have found this subreddit because it makes me feel less shame for my situation. I have a master’s degree and I lived in an expensive city for almost four years, which is when I started to accrue credit card debt. Between student loans and credit card, I believe I am about $13k in debt. My mental health has been struggling and I decided to move back to my hometown to be closer to my family and cheaper cost of living. With that, came a pay cut and a slight pivot in my career. (I previously worked in a pediatric emergency room all through the pandemic, which comes with its own set of baggage.) I moved in mid-December and had quite a few expenses that came with that.
I am very fortunate to have parents who live nearby and my dad is helping me get on my feet and loaned me $300 to be paid back whenever.
I got paid this past Friday and made sure to get caught up on credit card bills and whatnot. I thought I was doing okay. I got an email this morning saying the balance of my checking account was low and then an immediate follow-up saying I was overdrafted. It turns out there were some outstanding charges that hadn’t been processed due to the holiday yesterday. My current (negative) balance is -$132 and some change.
I also got a traffic ticket last week - the last time I got a ticket was a speed trap when I was a teenager. I am turning 30 this week. I don’t have to pay that for another month, but it’s around $200, unless I decide to go to court to fight it.
My question is this - how long can my checking account be overdrafted before I face a lot of extra fees/risk my account being closed? And does anyone have any recommendations for boosting my income? I am babysitting when I can.
I’m feeling very down on myself - I have a master’s degree and work in the human services field now and love what I do. But the pay is just absolute shit. This is not how I would have expected to be going into my 30th birthday - with a negative balance on my checking account and lots of debt.
I am trying to give myself grace and realize that I am dealing with a lot (a diagnosis of depression and PTSD, with some mild anxiety thrown in there). I have almost maxed out my credit cards, but I am set on food and shelter, which is more than some can say. But any advice, encouragement, or recommendations is very much appreciated!!
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