Todays subject: tax fraud😳 have you committed it?

2022.01.18 15:35 Unintelligent_idiot Todays subject: tax fraud😳 have you committed it?

Tax fraud is when you fail to report taxes, reporting taxes inaccurately, or failing to pay taxes
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2022.01.18 15:35 GeneralFlippy Question from an education student

Hi there everybody. I’m currently attending college to become a teacher, and I had a few questions I figured you all were qualified to answer.
So as it goes, I am currently an English Education major, with a goal of teaching high school. However, I also worked an alternate grad plan recently as Elementary Education, with a minor in English Education.
I am trying to decide which I want to pursue. This semester I am taking classes that apply to both paths, so I would need to decide in the next few months, which is to say, I have some time to think.
Have any of you had experience with both levels? Is there a clear preference for one over the other, overall?
In the area I live, you can sub with a high school diploma, and I have recently applied to be a sub, in hopes of getting some early experience. I think this will help me make a few decisions.
I am also aware High school teachers make slightly more in average, so I have considered that as well.
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2022.01.18 15:35 rednailsgirl61 Am i

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2022.01.18 15:35 mohkadd I remade every structure in Minecraft

undoubtedly the most cursed video I have made so far. The title speaks for itself. Twitch - Twitter - GO FOLLOW ME Discord Server - Instagram -\_/ Reddit - These were all made in MCreator - THE MODPACK (It's two mods and it's for Forge 1.17.1) - This is similar to my 100 days videos where I remake biomes and minecraft 1.18 and 1.17 and 1.19 mobs.
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via I remade every structure in Minecraft
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2022.01.18 15:35 BeaklessBird This squirt of lotion looks like an acorn!

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2022.01.18 15:35 kahlesh1 [Recruiting] Lords of Havoc | Townhall 13+ | Clan level 23 | War | Independent

Clan Tag: #8LJ222RL
Clan Level: 23
Clan War League: Masters II currently doing 30v30 format
We are a casual war clan. Regular wars are back to back but are not mandatory. However, we are looking for active, non-rushed TH13-14 who want to participate in wars and CWL. We are very active with high donations and we always max clan games. Age 18+.
Join in game or you can also contact us on Discord. Please mention 'Reddit' in your join request.
We also have a new, additional mini-clan for our th11-13 for CWL: Dukes of Havoc #2LR88VC90.
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2022.01.18 15:35 iamthegreyest Neil deGrasse painting by me.

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2022.01.18 15:35 GivenPlan This is Ana Jameson. I made this sim after I bought the Outdoor Retreat pack. Can't wait to play with her <3

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2022.01.18 15:35 RealAnthonyCamp Free COVID-19 Tests: How To Get Them In New York

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2022.01.18 15:35 BeefErky Albums that are like early Michael Mann movies

Albums dealing with themes of crime and nightlife with heavy synth. Uber cool
Mann's crime films like Thief, Manhunter, Heat, Collateral, or tv series Miami Vice
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2022.01.18 15:35 Karrizmaaah Microsoft will save CoD

With microft buying activision blizzard, CoD will offically be back in its 'golden' age again BO2 - BO3 Even though microsoft only had control over certain licensing and rights to platforms etc. With them having cntrol over the actuall games that are made we may see a reasurrgence in CoD. Halo saw a massive come back after a very long draught, we may see the same for CoD. Microsft may push CoD in a direction for the better like they did with Halo, with a better recognition for competitive community. I think micrsoft will listen to what fans want and how to push the studios in a direction that drives sales and makes a great game. The first CoD that will see this lime light will be 2023 made by Treyarche, which in my eyes, will be great for comp fans, casuals and Warzone as Microsoft will be able to revive cod and meet everyones needs and expectations for such franchised game. #MakeCoDGreatAgain
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2022.01.18 15:35 ChallengeNext9798 How intense is the BeD program?

For those currently in the teaching program at UBC, how intense is it? Will I be able to work part-time still or should I plan to leave my job for a bit?
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2022.01.18 15:35 Many-Concentrate-111 33 [M4F] #Manhattan - In a bit of a departure from your normal online dating ad....tall, funny, intelligent, successful man looking for a caring, nurturing woman to help me conquer my discomfort with intimacy.

This is going to be a little different than your normal personal ad, but what the hell. If these last few years have taught me anything it's that life is short, and I'm nothing if not earnest. This is embarrassing to admit, especially online, and especially as a man, but I'm uncomfortable with intimacy.
If there's something I'm sure of, it's that I'm worthy of love. I'm successful, I'm intelligent, thoughtful, and funny (I've been told). Physically, I'm 6"1, I kind of look like jeremy renner, have a deep voice and am very well spoken, and have what people magazine called the sexiest dad bod of 2021. My style is usually jeans and a white hanes tshirt, though I dress up when I go out. Additonally, I'm very well endowed. I have traveled a bunch of places, my favorites were France, Scotland, and Croatia, and love going to museums and trying new restaurants. I read quite a lot, and voraciously, I'm a big history lover, especially greco roman and byzantine history, and have a lot of hobbies. I draw a lot and before Covid I used to go to figure drawing sessions in different places around NYC. I have a one bedroom apartment in manhattan and I love love love to cook. Ask me abut my babyback ribs. I have a large amount of friends and family, and, covid concerns notwithstanding, a vibrant social life.More than that, I think what people want, what they truly crave in this era of endless doom scrolling and perfect social media influencers is authenticity. I have unshakeable confidence and faith in myself and my ability to succeed in the world. Because of the experiences in my past, treating people with respect and making sure they feel safe, physically, mentally, and emotionally, is extremely important to me. I have both a fire extinguisher and multiple first aid kits in my apartment. When you're with me, I don't put on airs or try to pretend I'm something I'm not. Not purposely anyway, although I've been told I'm a big talker.
Because of these things, I do find it easy to meet women and get dates, but I have no confidence in sex and have problems performing due to past issues and traumas. It's not physical, I have no problems getting hard when I'm not with someone, but when I am, I get so in my head worrying about what she'll think if I lose it that, eventually, I lose it. I've gotten blowjobs but penetration, specifically, has been an issue. I'm really big and when I've gotten to that point with a woman it's been a struggle to get it in, and then after a bit I usually lose it due to the aforementioned issues. Fuck porn, btw, having a big dick has made me much less likely to have sex because I can never fit. Those liars. I'm not a virgin, but have never finished penetrative sex and haven't had it in years, and covid has certainly not helped. This has led to a bit of a vicious cycle where because of that, I start to continuously avoid situations like this.
I have had chance after chance after chance to be intimate with someone, but I avoid it. I had a very traumatic childhood, and was emotionally abused every day by people I loved and trusted. This gave me confidence issues when it finally came time to have sex, I would avoid it and change the subject and just run away, and this was compounded later in life by some truly awful experiences in my teens and twenties that just destroyed me. I was left with no confidence, in myself or my performance. A ton of women have been wonderful and understanding, but there were def a few that weren't, and they have left scars.
One of the overwhelming bright point was my ex. We dated for 5 years, she was calm and patient and loving and warm, and when we were together I felt like we were the only two people in the world who existed, that nothing besides the confines of the room we were in was real, and that she had me, and held me. If you've ever seen Midsommar (which is NOT a romantic btw but I like this particular scene) you've seen the scene where Pele asks Florence Pugh if, in her relationship, she feels held, like someone truly has her, and that's what it is for me. I want that feeling, knowing that someone has me. I don't know how to find that, or how to be honest with someone about that. I've seen a sex therapist, and she's suggested a surrogate, someone to work through it with me, but it's not really an east coast thing. Be patient with me as we try to fuck, help me build confidence, and if I lose it and can't perform, I will pleasure you with my very talented tongue and fingers, and maybe sex toys if you're into that.I've also gotten prescribed viagra and cialis to ease the flow of blood, but haven't been with anyone yet while I've been on them, so try that with me too. Maybe this whole personal ad will all be for naught and they'll work immediately, but I'd rather go into the bedroom knowing that it's with someone I trust and that we have a back up plan, and have a good evening regardless. Afterwards, I'll cook for you, anything you want, and if you're into it maybe we can take an edible and watch a movie. I'm 420 friendly but have cut back in recent years.
Sex, certainly, isn't everything but I, like most people, crave the intimacy, laughter, love, validation, and sense of closeness it creates. So here I am, Reddit, baring my soul in what might be the worst personal ad of all time. Come and cuddle with me, kiss me, help me feel safe, stroke my hair and tell me I'm pretty. I will kiss you passionately. Spend this cold, bleak winter with me, in my bed, with your hair pressed up against my chest.
Physically, I like a lot of different body types, I don't mind if you're a little bigger, as long as it's not morbid, but have also had my share of crushes on petite women as well. I think this will work if you're someone who is comfortable in their own skin and a wonderful conversationalist, who fucking LOVES cuddling (as I do), and is confident and sure of themselves and has a lot of hobbies and intellectual interests. If you have similar issues as I do, I will help you work through them, and make sure you're okay as you do. If you don't, if you're a confident badass sex goddess who is everything they've always wanted to be, then damn that's good too lol, so drop me a line and I will make you laugh, make you dinner, and (one way or another) make you cum. In an idea world, I'd love if this grew into a relationship, but the world of dating is very rarely an ideal world, and I am fine with just an FWB situation if there's good communication and I like you and trust you.
I know this is unconventional, but what the hell, unconventional dating ads are one of the things the internet does best. So if any of this resonates with you, drop me a line, and let's chat and exchange pictures, and figure out what works for us. If you, the person I can hold, and feel held by, is truly out there, then I look forward to hearing from you. In the mean time, I'll be here, dropping dead of embarrassment. ;)
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2022.01.18 15:35 mohkadd The E-Scooter Apocalypse

Video Sponsored by Ridge Wallet. Check them out here: Use Code “ORDINARY” for 10% off your order. Follow Me on Twitter: Support the Channel on Patreon:
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2022.01.18 15:35 bigggsigh Understanding others’ views

It’s no secret that this sub is anti-Nayib but is the country really worst off with him at the helm? I can only speak from secondhand experience from my immediate and extended family but they’ve been better off economically (businesses taking off) in the last few years and have mentioned how much things are improving (safety and infrastructure). We’re not a politically connected family or anything of the sort yet they seem to be thriving when so many people say that’s not representative as whole. I’m aware it can be one of those situations where it’s in spite of not because of the current administration, but I’d like to hear other people out.
For a little more context those that are “thriving” originally left during the 80s and 90s but now split their time 50/50 between ES and US.
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2022.01.18 15:35 Professional-Joke500 R @ Fordham

don't think I can take all these rejections anymore :(
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2022.01.18 15:35 Texhxine Samsung up for Launch its Galaxy M33 5G in India

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2022.01.18 15:35 B_ABGAMING Mercedes Benz A 45 AMG

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2022.01.18 15:35 Mtnraccoondew Everyone talking about "Gators" but do y'all remember the OG footwear?

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2022.01.18 15:35 Necessary-Ad-2310 HE'S IN A RELATIONSHIP ALREADY:')

So i just found out he is in a relationship already..i was just overthinking. Glad that i found out but i still wish I knew this 2 months ago smh but nvm I think I can move on quickly now. And some things I want to tell y'all that if you're confused for a long if they're interested in you or not, they gives you mixed signals then just take it's a "NO" Don't waste your time previous time on someone who's not worth it:)
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2022.01.18 15:35 Fat_Anime_Fan We all have our own motivations

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2022.01.18 15:35 inebriatedmechanic Bonfire and Redbone Crossover

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2022.01.18 15:35 Enip0 Is there anything similar to python's pyautogui? aka How to take screenshots and send keyboard events

Hello! Like the title says I'm looking for a pyautogui-kind of crate that allows me to (hopefully easily) take screenshots and send keyboard events to windows, ideally it would be cross-platform as well but linux only is okay.
From my quick research I wasn't able to find much so I am asking here. I suppose one solution would be to use x11 directly but I was hoping for something more high-level and ergonomic.
Any ideas?
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2022.01.18 15:35 rapidadapter Science Man - "Poach The Mind's Eye" (2022) OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

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2022.01.18 15:35 Chaneltheboss If you have Chase , BofA , Navy , USAA , Us Bank , Wells Fargo , Key Pnc Td bank , Citizens , Huntington , Bmo harris tap in i got over 20K for you

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