My Thoughts on Inland Empire

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2021.11.29 06:36 wyrihu My Thoughts on Inland Empire

Hi all, new member of the subreddit here. I saw Inland Empire at the cinema a few days ago and I loved it, one of the scariest films I've ever seen, one of the most underrated, and definitely one of the best. But ever since I walked out of that theatre I've been trying to figure out what the hell that was all about?! And while I can't quite explain all of it (the people that apparently Susan knows, the amazing ponoma scene, the clowns, the circus, the animals, the RABBITS) but I think I can piece together the rest. Hear me out, and obviously SPOILERS AHEAD:

So, the first thing we hear in the film is a voice saying that 'Axxon N is the longest running radio play of all time, it continues now in the baltic regions'. We then see a woman with a blurred face undressing, whilst a man calls her a whore. Throughout the film, we see 'Axxon N' on various walls. Now, the fact that Axxon N = A woman commiting infidelity with an awful man is a very important part of this.
The common belief of this film is that Nikki's perception of reality becomes distorted and she confuses reality with the film. And while that's true I think there's a better way to describe it. The blurring of reality is more her realising that the film she is starring in is mirroring her own life.
According to Freddy, On High in Blue Tomorrows is an adaptation of a Polish Gypsy folk tale. I think this tale that On High in Blue Tomorrows is adapted from is Axxon N. The story of Axxon N is a story of a woman cheating on her husband, being called a whore or feeling like one, and being abused or killed by her husband. A vicious cycle that happens all too often, especially in Hollywood. It happened to Nikki, It happened to Susan, It happened to all the random women in France or Poland or whatever, and It happened to all those prostitute friends of Sue. I think that's the true point of Inland Empire. It's pretty obvious to be honest, but no one really talks about it, unlike the point of Mulholland Drive.
Inland Empire is about a reincarnated story, a cycle that harms women.
And the whole film is a terrifying journey filled with twists and turns and the Ponoma scene. Honestly, it seems that a lot of even Lynch fans haven't taken the time to watch Inland Empire. You really should, it's a masterpiece.
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2021.11.29 06:36 desmondao Nice try, Guardian. Also, well done for sneaking it into my recommendations!

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2021.11.29 06:36 Hopeful_Bison8642 My GSDS first real winter. How do your short haired GSDs cope? It's now 4 degrees celcius and she is already chattering and shivering in the car which I never expected. Picture attached so you can see coat type. (More info & questions in comment below)

My GSDS first real winter. How do your short haired GSDs cope? It's now 4 degrees celcius and she is already chattering and shivering in the car which I never expected. Picture attached so you can see coat type. (More info & questions in comment below) submitted by Hopeful_Bison8642 to germanshepherds [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 06:36 Ren81017 I've seen that posts on here and youtubers have the armadillo wave but pulse says its on pre-order arriving 02/01/2022, is it out yet or not?

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2021.11.29 06:36 Y0UDontKnowMe Friend with benefits is catching feelings but hates relationships and feelings

This girl and i agreed to be friends with benefits which obviously means we can see other people. We are also quite close friends and go out every now and then for dinner or a drive. Yesterday she told me that she went on a date with a guy and they happened to kiss - but all she could think about was that it wasn’t me and that she wished it was me.
We had a lengthy discussion following this on why she doesn’t want to have a relationship and wants to keep everything how it is. Where do i go from here? Because I wouldn’t mind getting into a relationship with her but at the same time it doesn’t bother me if we don’t because im enjoying what we have now. Will these feelings hurt our friendship in the long run or whats the course of action i should take?
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2021.11.29 06:36 GibraltarLady Best Journalistic Podcasts?

So I enjoyed listening to My Mother's Murder on Tortois (via Spotify) and Unnatural Causes by Dr Richard Shepherd on Audible. I am looking for something similar, i.e. journalistic, shocking, curveballs etc! I have just downloaded Google Podcasts, but no time to sift through the vast available. Any recommendations would be very welcome thank you!
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2021.11.29 06:36 RakTheTurtleMaster Phone Permission?

So after 2 months break or something I wanted to hop on again but then the game is asking to manage my phone calls how is that not a scam like why do they need this?
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2021.11.29 06:36 ThrowAwayXbd2 I [22m] am afraid of ending my relationship with my partner [22f] because of how toxic she is towards everyone, I am afraid of what kinds of lies she will make up of me

So basically the title. We have been together for two years now and everything had been going smoothly until she started to show extreme signs of controlling behavior this year. She has become manipulative and gets upset if I mention that I have had a discussion with some of our mutual friend in private instead of in our group chat "oh you have some secrets? you are a fucking asshole and here I thought I can trust you" -kind of behavior even if all we spoke about was some kind of university assignment in private. She prevents me from having any close one to one relationships outside of her. She makes me feel bad about leaving the house to see my own friends because she "has to be alone for the whole evening" and starts to question my love, even if I have been with her 24/7 for six days straight. She does not want me to even apply for summer work and get this horrible attitude if I mention about the next summer "oh you will be working?? I thought you want to spend time with me??".
So yeah. I need to run.
The problem is that she speaks shit about everyone. I do not remember the last time she said anything nice about anyone. She has made everyone believe that her ex was a narcissist for example because he never respected her opinions. I know her ex quite well and I am aware that what she claims is not true. His narcissist behavior was him not submitting to her bullshit at all and he continued to live his life at a 100% even though she tried to control him. Every day she talks shit about her friends to me as well, which is not based on anything. This negativity is one of the reasons I want to end this. Meanwhile they believe that she is the nicest person ever.
I am afraid that I will lose all my friends if I leave her. I am absolutely certain that she will be going around telling anyone how much I suck and how selfish I am. She will went to her parents and family about all kinds of things about me. I am afraid my life might get ruined. I might even have a semi-public career in the future and I am afraid that all kinds of rumors will ruin my career. She is the kind of person who would never forgive me for leaving her and would go to great lengths to ruin me. That is what she did to her ex. Not many have realized that her ex is a decent human being after all, he became pretty much socially isolated after their breakup.
TL;DR: Girlfriend is quite crazy and I am afraid to break up because she will be going around telling lies, probably destroying my social relationships and possible even my future career. What can I do?
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2021.11.29 06:36 anamoudaj Lettre de Motivation pour Caissier / Caissière

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2021.11.29 06:36 indy- back with another fragmovie 💖 enjoy!

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2021.11.29 06:36 thechallengedotgg This guy loves his dad. :)

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2021.11.29 06:36 MimiTheThird AMA (kliinilise) psühholoogia kohta!

Viimasel ajal on redditis päris palju vaimse tervisega seotud küsimusi olnud. Olen selle valdkonnaga kursis ja mul on praegu veidi vaba aega, niiet küsige. Vastan kõigele oma teadmiste piires.
Õppisin psühholoogiat Tartu Ülikoolis, lõpetasin paar aastat tagasi magistri. Töötasin eras mõne aasta ja praegu liigun kliinilise psühholoogi kutse poole. Seega tean kust abi otsida, milliseid uuringuid üldiselt tehakse, kuidas süsteem üldse töötab.
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2021.11.29 06:36 SunRae2726 Why are the constellations of the absolute good the constellations of the absolute good?

Like they just appeared and became the absolute good? Is there an explanation in the novel? Like something about their stories or anything? Or is it just because that’s how it was written in twsa? I’m trying to write on of my college essays on ORV and the morality and stuff but I realized like i didn’t know why the constellations of the absolute good are named the absolute good.
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2021.11.29 06:36 SpinyCoin26 Running Solo flawless prophecy. This is closest I have gotten and I wish ada would sell Protective light again.

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2021.11.29 06:36 GeoNe_ws ArcMap Equivalency: Disconnected Editing is now in #ArcGIS Pro 2.9

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2021.11.29 06:36 Ramo-98 Seems like old pals catching up

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2021.11.29 06:36 TRS_pc How do I quit a fast food job that I just started yesterday?

I just want a valid way/example on how to quit this job I got, because I thought I wanted to work but honestly I don’t, I really really don’t want to, (I’m still in high school, just felt like I had to address this) how do I tell them that I want to quit as of today?
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2021.11.29 06:36 Ok_Inflation7399 Almost 4 months now and here is an update on my progress.

Hey guys it’s been a while since I posted here. For those who don’t know I lost my 5 yo soul dog to a rare cancer called Nephroblastoma back in August.
So a month ago I adopted a dog from the local shelter that looks much like him and considering him being a mixed breed ( Snorkie ) I thought it was a sign. He is sweet and nice, thankful and loyal but nothing in this world comes close to the bond I had with my boy. I feel better for saving a life but the emptiness is not filled and the heart is not cured. Also, since the resemblance is so obvious, it warms up my heart seeing the same color and shape running around the house. As if he keeps the memory of him alive and in motion and also I feel like in the honor of everything he thought me I owned him to don’t let grief change me but to give home and help to someone if I can.
Honestly I don’t cry less, I still cry almost every day, I miss him madly. I did accept that tho, and tried looking for things that make me feel like it’s worth living. But I still feel my heart is shattered in 10000 pieces and like some part of me is still so confused and in denial. Every time I think of him I burst into tears. Everyday I keep realizing how special he was for me and how empty my life is without him. I have days when I remember him with smile but when I talk about him I almost always cry.
For you who recently suffered loss I have one advice only - one day at the time, give yourself time as much as you need. Cry it out, scream, do whatever you need to do. Grief is such a strange thing and unpredictable. But please never feel guilty for anything. Guilt is all about you and love and sadness is about them. So don’t let guilt take over these two feelings.
My thoughts are with all of you who are going thru this right now.
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2021.11.29 06:36 spicygamer-_- He got the philips hue

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2021.11.29 06:36 GGkus123321 flood yazıyom yardım bayram namazında nasıl nerde fake yeniyor hiç kendim kılmadım

yardım pls abiler
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2021.11.29 06:36 GeoNe_ws Space data helping Earth adapt to challenges of climate change

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2021.11.29 06:36 No-Judge-9074 What are some examples of Space Marines dueling Primarchs?

I just recently finished Path of Heaven by Chris Wraight and thought the duel between Mortarion and Torghun Khan was so cool. I was wondering who are some other Marines who battled against a Primarch? I don’t particularly care if they did well, barely held on, or were brutalized. I just want to know of the instances where a Marine was brave enough to try.
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2021.11.29 06:36 balintz Parken auf Dauer.

Ich würde in Wien mit ausländischem Kennzeichen auf die Dauer parken aber laut WIPARK sind alle Dauerparkplätze weg und man kann nur eine Tageskarte kaufen. Sind da Alternative vorhanden oder die Warteliste ist die einzige Möglichkeit?
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2021.11.29 06:36 Dry_Reach2077 bootstrap navbar-toggle button isnt working

this is my cod

I change the screen size to make the toggle button appear but when i click on it, the toggle button doesn't dropdown to show me the links submitted by Dry_Reach2077 to AskProgramming [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 06:36 JonKutz Hey all! We played a game called Skatebird, it was a great time.

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