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German broker doesn’t let me buy the dip!

2021.10.22 07:15 Setnof German broker doesn’t let me buy the dip!

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2021.10.22 07:15 johntheplaya Is the Gibraltar league in FM22?

I'm mainly an FM touch player and I'll be playing that when it comes out on the switch my main save this year will be a build a nation in one of the smaller nations like Wales NI or Gibraltar is the Gibraltar league in FM this year on FMT21 last year the league was licenced but not playable
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2021.10.22 07:15 Guitrandfethered After a few sessions endeavor is finally finished. Don't mind the blood

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2021.10.22 07:15 post-news Alec Baldwin Accidentally Shot and Killed a Woman Filming His New Movie...And There's an Ironic Twist

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2021.10.22 07:15 RICERUBY OKEx AMA Listing Series | Kollect ( $KOL )

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2021.10.22 07:15 jakkkmotivator Fundstrat Strategists: Bitcoin Is Likely To Test $90,000

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2021.10.22 07:15 polaroidlmao What happens to the plot after I defeat Ganon ??

So I’ve been playing this game for 2 years and have been avoiding Ganon. (I almost accidentally walked into the boss battle…. I had to fly out. ) I don’t want to fight him yet even though I did defeat all divine beasts.
I am currently working on the Divine Beasts DLC having 2 left. I DO NOT want to finish the game yet because I still wanna do all the side quests. But (idk what happens after I fight Ganon) I really don’t want to go around Hyrule and everyone’s talking about Ganon being defeated, or like including Zelda being free…
!! So I wanna know, does the plot change??? Is everything becoming different after Ganon.
I do wanna be ready though to jump into the new Zelda game — (even tho even then I’ll be avoiding all Zelda info cause I wanna take my time)
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2021.10.22 07:15 OkBlacksmith6843 💥2nd AlitaSwap Reddit Q&A Contest Is Activated💥

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2021.10.22 07:15 Lennvor "If a blind person knew all about how the brain produces sight, would they know what it's like to see?": an exploration

Something occurred to me while exchanging with u/Jayyman48 on the weekly "Ask and Atheist" thread, and I thought it was an interesting question to present to materialists...
So, there is this classical objection to a materialist account of qualia, which is "but if we knew everything there was to know about how matter produces a certain experience, we still wouldn't know what that experience is like". A good materialist response I think is that if experiences are produced by matter, with different configurations producing different experiences, then this implies a fundamental difference between experiencing something and reasoning about it - like, they're both experiences, and they're both different experiences! Therefore, it is completely coherent that "understanding" an experience should fail to entail "experiencing" it.
In practice I think there is a big issue with the word "understanding" or "knowing what it's like" that a lot of the debate rests on. "Understanding" seems like a simple concept until one tries to define it, and then it becomes elusive - the best possible definition is "having a model of it that produces successful predictions", but this doesn't correspond to the subjective experience of understanding something. And that subjective experience is itself not a simple thing, which I think is another part of the problem: our sense of "understanding a car" doesn't require a car actually being inside our heads (although it might have a psychological component of "having the essence of the car inside our heads, but under materialism that's just a model, there are no essences. Interesting relationship with the word "grok" there by the way). However, our sense of "knowing what an experience is like" absolutely does require that experience to be reproduced inside of ourselves! So that implies that the naïve understanding of "understanding" is different for experiences as it is for other entities. That does make some sense, as our brain can directly produce experiences but it cannot directly produce cars.
Anyway, with all that out of the way I've just thought of a "materialism-friendly" formulation of the same question, and I've realized I don't know the answer to it (update after writing the post: never mind I think I got it). Here goes:
1) under materialism, understanding an experience is different from having that experience - they're literal different experiences. Me closing my eyes and imagining what it would be like to open them and see my computer screen, is a different subjective experience than actually opening them and seeing that screen.
2) They are different, but they are clearly related. In fact in the case of imagining myself seeing my computer screen, a lot of the same brain regions are solicited. Either way there is clearly a sense that when I close my eyes and imagine what I'll see when I open them, and then I do open them and I feel a satisfactory total lack of surprise at the fact I'm seeing exactly what I expected to see... I can describe this situation as accurately having understood what the future experience would be like, even though I didn't have the actual experience until I did. And it's different from the experience if I open my eyes and see an unexpected frog on my keyboard, or was suddenly a pentachromat with an extra receptor in the red region and one in the ultraviolet. Indeed in the second case I imagine some very strong feelings, of amazement and confusion and awe and excitement at having an experience completely unlike any I've ever had or could ever have imagined. This speaks to a definite distinction between "knowing what an experience would be like" and "not knowing what an experience would be like" that's not quite the same as assuming "knowing what it's like" means "directly having the experience".
So now, my question becomes: let's take a blind person who understands thoroughly how the brain works and produces consciousness - understands it so well indeed that they've identified a way they could make their brain do a "sight" pattern, thus allowing them to experience sight, and they have the technology to make it happen.
The question is: What feeling does this blind person predict they'll experience when they do experience sight for the first time?
1) Can it really be surprise and awe, when they already know all there is to know about this experience aside from actually having it - in other words, they have an internal model that predicts every feature of this experience and its interaction with their other experiences successfully? Like, isn't it in the nature of a predictive model that it should give us a vision of the future, and when the future does occur we will feel the distinct lack of surprise characteristic of the experience "that's what I thought was going to happen"?
2) On the other hand, how can it not be, when this experience actually is completely unlike any they've ever had?
I'm leaving aside the question of whether such predictions are even possible or if there are quantum or thermodynamic or computational reasons that say they aren't - they might well be but since it doesn't seem obvious to me offhand that they aren't I'll proceed for now assuming that they are.
I really feel the answer can't be "they predict they'll feel surprise", but if it is I suspect it's because I'm defining the notion of "understanding" or "predictive models" wrong. But if the answer is "they won't feel surprise", that's even more amazing, because it means that contra the claim about qualia and the materialist response I proposed... it means that if a blind person understood all there is about sight, they WOULD "know what it's like"! In the sense that anyone "knows what it's like": you anticipate how it will feel like and then aren't surprised at the actual feeling. But in us normies that always involves partially reproducing the actual experience from memory.
I think if that's correct, what must have happened in order for the blind person to think "yep, it's what I expected" when they first see is that whatever part of their brain does the "imagining stuff using all the tools I have" task succeded in producing an experience that was as close to sight as the experience the brain of a sighted person produces when it's imagining sight, based purely on an analytical understanding of the system.
And that is weird because it's completely unlike our current experience of subjective experiences, where it's not just that our brains use our perceptual systems and memories of previous experiences to generate predictions of future experiences... it seems utterly impossible for it to do otherwise. Then again, we don't have anything like a complete understanding of such experiences do we; maybe if we did our experiences would be different. If so, there is the bizarre/exciting implication that a human brain could indeed produce any subjective experience (suitably defined as equivalence classes of subjective experiences of course). Then again there might be limits on how complete an understanding we can acquire that justify brains not being capable of producing any arbitrary experience that way (such as intrinsic limits on how accurate a model of itself a brain can contain - obviously the answer cannot be 1:1).
It's possible that a better understanding of the brain dissolves this question. Such as how I said that if the first situation was true then I suspected there was something wrong with my definition of a predictive model - in practice those predictive models are all implemented in the brain and there might be aspects of how the brain does this that accounts for the result. Similarly, this question relies on defining some kind of equivalence class of subjective experiences that relates a subjective experience, to an accurate prediction of what that experience would be like. An understanding of the true relationship between anticipated experiences and actual experiences could make the whole thing moot.
You know what, I've actually come to a conclusion: it's the "brain can't have a 1:1 model of itself" thing. Say there does exist a hypothetical reasoning system that could understand all there is to know about the human experience of sight, and by understanding this and therefore forming an internal model of the system it causes the pattern corresponding to "the experience of human sight" to occur within the system, i.e. the experience actually occurring within that system. This argument predicts that this is what would occur, so far so good. However, this hypothetical system cannot be a human brain, because when a human brain produces an analytical model of the world it's using a very tiny portion of its neurons, and the production of an experience requires a large proportion of them.
Basically, the analytical models of the world we produce are always very partial, simplified things, and the "full" versions are achieved by writing things down, and any predictions our mind makes based on those bigger versions involves considering every part step by step, never holding the whole thing in working memory at one time. Like, we can picture an apple and we can easily picture how it's made of flesh and skin and seeds... We can at the limit picture how those are also made of cells... But I think our brain breaks if we try to picture that, AND the molecular machinery that those cells actually are, let alone the quantum dynamical system that his molecular machinery actually is. But we can picture each of these levels separately and reason about how they relate to each other.
And if there's one thing I remember from Anil Seth's lectures, it's that conscious experiences are characterized by being extremely information-rich and mobilizing a large proportion of our brain regions at any given time. Meaning there is absolutely, no way no how, no possible way of fitting a model of a conscious experience that is detailed enough to be that conscious experience within our working memory. And if we're using more than our working memory... then we're having that experience, not building a predictive model of it, are we.
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2021.10.22 07:15 ExpensiveBeautiful21 Spiking in nightclubs, and how to help

I’m coming to this with good faith, I’m really trying to say how I feel and honestly just trying to help. If I’m wrong, please correct me. I feel like this needs to be said.
In the wake of Sarah Everard’s death, there has been an uprise in women and men rightfully speaking about preventative measures against abuse. Issues surrounding walking home alone, workplace harassment, and safety in nightclubs are all being addressed. One thing I have seen recently is how to spot spiked drinks. Various posts on what spiked drinks look like and what to do if you have been spiked.
Unfortunately this has lead to a different method of involuntary intoxication: injections. This sickening method involves using a needle to jab an unwilling victim in an effort to intoxicate them. It’s horrific.
The point I’m trying to make is that I feel that posting on social media all the ways that you can prevent this from happen only works to provide abusers with the same information. Leading to abusers realising they cannot get away with the old method of spiking drinks, and choose to attempt worse means of intoxication.
I would suggest to all women that they only speak with trusted individuals about these issues and methods of prevention. Create Facebook groups with people you can trust, and have strict policies that involve only inviting those who are known to be who they say they are.
This is a very unfortunate and sad situation to be left in but I think it’s better than teaching abusers your defence. By allowing everyone to know how you defend yourself, you’re only changing the manner of attack by these people.
Obviously the best way of preventing these issues is teaching men not to abuse. That’s clear. I’m not denying that it’s very clear the issue here is sick people who are willing to do this. My suggestion is merely a supplemental one, a way of helping in the meantime whilst we focus on the larger image.
I know it’s not perfect.
If I’m wrong on this, I am willing to accept full blame on my part. But this is an honest assessment on the situation. I wish all girls are safe, and that this issue calms down. No one should ever have to experience the horror of being unwilling spiked or injected by an abuser.
Stay safe everyone.
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2021.10.22 07:15 bigfkncee Alec Baldwin: Director of photography Halyna Hutchins killed, movie director Joel Souza injured after actor discharged prop firearm on movie set - CNN

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2021.10.22 07:15 justin941208 Boris Johnson is super reliable

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2021.10.22 07:15 deric- Any advice appreciated

So, I believe I can love more than one person at a time. And I’ve already been on a situation where I could’ve had a relationship with two guys. But this didn’t work as i would’ve wanted and I changed my two year partner for a long time friend that I started to date. Now I miss my ex partner, but also love my current one. I’m aware I might be misinterpreting the situation but i genuinely am feeling love and loved in my relationship. But everything happened so recently, a month and some ago, and I’m still thinking about my ex partner, even tho we don’t talk or see each other anymore. I have considered the possibility of talking to them again but didn’t because I consider that to be unrespecful, since he’s been trying to move on, it would be fatal for me to just show up again after all the decisions I made. What I want is for him to come back, tho, and be a part of my life but my current partner is monogamous, he was actually the one that backed of on this love triangle, and I stayed with him because I love him and wanted to finally have a taste of what’s like to have a boyfriend. But that intrusive thought, “what if”, is somehow still there. What do you think I should do in this situation? I do not want to hurt anybody and I know that if I just let time do it’s thing, I would be able to move on, but should I do that?
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2021.10.22 07:15 Stannajose Hymn of the Netflix Republic

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2021.10.22 07:15 SnoopDoge93 Nokia X20

Because my dad sometimes forgets to lock the screen, I set it up to be locked after 15 seconds, the bug is that it turns off while he's using the phone, but it never turns off when he put the phone down on a table or plug the charger, what is going on? Are the sensors messed up?
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2021.10.22 07:15 Short_Juggernaut_859 Ice King Falls In Love #5

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2021.10.22 07:15 Key_Equal6085 Shekinah

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2021.10.22 07:15 ScottGray1 [WTB] Pagani Design Sub or yachtmaster 40mm

Hi, I'm getting into modding watches and was hoping if someone in Australia was wanting to part with their NH35 40mm Pagani Design sub or Yachtmaster (or any homage brand 40mm and 100m WR). Thank you!
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2021.10.22 07:15 ultra_penis_man penis

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2021.10.22 07:15 nathanfletcher123 How To Make Money Through Binance

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2021.10.22 07:15 AnnaGorlos Looking to fill up multiple shot glasses at one time? 6 Shot Glass Dispenser and Holder will allow you to easily fill up to six shot glasses at once with your favorite beverage of choice and then carry them, all in one!

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