the no-frills guide to buying a bike

2021.10.22 07:47 Stroov the no-frills guide to buying a bike

buying a bike can be a daunting task with so many options and styles to choose from
Budget how much can you spend on your bike for most people it would be a number under 1 lakh ₹ but depending on your budget you can shortlist the number of bikes
body shape
this is probably the 2nd most important aspect while buying a bike you can bike a commuter bike which is simple and no-frills or get a full fared racer if retro is your take then something like a cafe racer would suit you everybody style has its pros and cons
also, scooters are a category of bikes but scooters have their pros and cons as well
For example, a full faring bike looks sporty but its seating position is not comfortable for 2 nor is it comfortable for a long journey compared to a cruiser or commuter
commuter (balanced tuned for milage and carrying capacity usually used for city travel easy to maneuver )
naked sports bike ( performance of a sports bike but without the extra weight and fairings not comfortable for long rides especially for passengers)
cruiser (long bike usually heavy low slung seating position or almost upright comfortable for long highway journeys , )
off-road bikes (these are designed for going off-road and to play on dirt and gravel sharp handling and good performance is the first characteristics )
scooter (they are usually automatic low bikes used inside cities only )
cubic capacity the bigger the capacity the more fuel it will consume generally most people tend to buy bikes under 200 cc in India
100 cc and anything under it are bikes aka moped are too underpowered and with a pavillion it becomes even harder
125 cc is the most common spot for commuter bikes with good economy and enough grunt for decent city speeds
150 cc is providing enough power for bikes in cities
200 cc and above are for bikes that have enough spotting grunt and are good enough for longer rides
500cc and above these are powerful machines that pull the throttle hard and it will not end well
1000cc monster machines need a trained controlled rider for their and others safety
brand and spare parts
most bikes need proper service and the service duration varies depending on brand and use case specific to how many kms you run your bike
if you buy an expensive bike be prepared to pay more for its maintenance always keep this amount in mind when buying a bike if you buy a very uncommon bike chances are you won't be able to find spares for it outside service centers
if you find this post helpful do tell us
if you have any questions post them in the comment sections .
if you find anything wrong with this post tell us and we will correct it
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2021.10.22 07:47 Mankoos Looking for new entries in my collection! I decided it's time to complete it by adding the pieces I don't have (aka Shinji, Rei, Eva 00 and the other Evas from the rebuilds). Problem: there are way too many options, can anyone recommend me some that you personally really like/would see well here?

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2021.10.22 07:47 epic_sinister 3 games in a row I got teammates who are not even level 50 . Thanks, Respawn IG.

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2021.10.22 07:47 miclomachin Davis Satire Paper?

Does Davis have a satire club/paper like UCSD’s Muir Quarterly? Just something I was interested in doing.
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2021.10.22 07:47 howsweetasound Ne fark eder?

Edebiyat teknik bilgim mükemmel değil, şiirde pek düzeltme de yapmadım. Rastgele gelen bir enerji patlamasıyla yazıldı. "Tut beni, sımsıkı tut isterdim Yüreğinden sızan aşkı duymak... Güçlü kanatlarını nazikçe tutmak, Birlikte cennet bahçesine dalmak.
Alçak gönüllü bir mayıs sabahında Mahşer boruları altında Gözlerine dalmak, Ölene kadar sarılmak.
Tam o anda zaman dursun dilerdim, Belki kollarında ölmek.. neden olmasın? Her öpüşünde yeniden doğmak, El ele sahilde dolanmak...
Ah ben... ben ne aptalmışım Her sırrı çözerim sanmışım. Bir oğlanı bile anlamazmışım, Hiç mutlu olamazmışım.
Ah ben... ben ne aptalmışım Sevenler terketmez sanmışım. Hele sevmeyeni hiç, hiç anlamazmışım. Biraz da garipmişim, belki, belki... Biraz da depresifmişim.
Ah! Olmaz öyle! Küçük Ülker'im sen söyle Milyar galaksi içinde, Aptal gezegenin birinde... Ne fark eder?
Tutamamışsın onu, Kaymış ellerinden... Ne fark eder?
Göremeyecekmişsin, Duyamayacakmışsın, Oynayamayacakmışsın saçlarıyla... Ne fark eder?"
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2021.10.22 07:47 Gupishappy When was the last time a new 1.43 IMAX opened in the U.S

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2021.10.22 07:47 NotANinja252 Question about emails on wordpress

Hi folks,
Couple of years ago I built a website for a godawful client. I rather liked the theme I made so want to use it again for myself (she - the client - doesn't own the theme). I have a backup of her website but obviously it has her email address and credentials in it. If I was to open the backup on localwp would she get an email something along the lines of "someone tried to log in to your website from this i.p." etc etc something along those lines.
Just mildly paranoid as she is definitely the type of person to blow up at the tiniest thing and threaten court action for "hacking her website" blah blah blah. Wish I'd never worked with her but such is life.
Many thanks
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2021.10.22 07:47 -Aporia Dexes are at the heart of crypto trading and are the safest way of keeping your funds yours. Why aren't they used as much as they should be?

I believe we are all aware of what occurred with Robinhood and Gamestop. Do we all wish to relive that moment? Certainly not.
This is why all bitcoin investors should use decentralized exchanges. Platforms like as ChilliSwap enable investors to maintain complete ownership over their assets, with no intervention from other parties.
I believe this is sufficient to make dexes the superior alternative in this comparison, not to mention that these platforms provide more security and have more friendlier users than centralized exchanges.
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2021.10.22 07:47 phaatballaz Chess bots>FPS bots

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2021.10.22 07:47 grelays Who's excited for the upcoming @PolkaCity game release? EQIFI and EQIBank will be featured in the game! Learn more and watch the traile here!

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2021.10.22 07:47 Dry-Faithlessness683 Transistor Confusion

i’m repairing an old spring reverb and I’ll be replacing 5 2sc1000GR transistors with bc550c transistors. I’m pretty sure it’s the closest match possible to the troublesome 2sc1000.
I’ve noticed they have different base/emittecollector pinout locations. Should I just rotate the transistors when installing to make up for the different pinout locations? or are these not able to be used in place of each other?
i’ll link both transistor’s data-sheets, the base/emittecollector locations should be in the top right of the first page for both.
bc550c data-sheet
2sc1000(GR) data-sheet
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2021.10.22 07:47 DidacticSnow7 She’s dead sadge

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2021.10.22 07:47 MusicFanDj Olivia Rodrigo - Jealousy, Jealousy (Studio Acapella)
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2021.10.22 07:47 ROWDY_RODDY_PEEEPER What's the loudest food?

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2021.10.22 07:47 WorldRemix_TV My TOP tierlist, what do you think?

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2021.10.22 07:47 lookB4u This panel always show up whenever I'm trying to save in 3ds Max file. Help me out guys

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2021.10.22 07:47 xyanDragon_slayer say hi!

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2021.10.22 07:47 samuelwankenobi Opinions on fireman Sam

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2021.10.22 07:47 badtrucks Test Drive Fi?

I'm thinking about test driving Google Fi in my area before I port my number in and get the new 6. I have an extra pixel 4 that I don't use. I'm worried about hating the coverage and having to switch back to Verizon. Any thoughts on this idea?
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2021.10.22 07:47 Emma_Rhoyds South Korean Workers Launch MASSIVE General Strike

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2021.10.22 07:47 cubiccapacity Am I screwed? (sorry i need to get this off my chest real bad)

This might come off as a really dumb situation, but I think I need help with some serious studying problems.
to clarify i have autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Long rant incoming but... ever since I entered primary school, don't ask me how, but I didn't know how to study properly at all. I would read my textbook all over again or use workbooks my mum bought me, but my "strategies" were ineffective as I was virtually going nowhere (and had great difficulty doing so).
No matter how much I requested help from my parents and siblings, I always get ignored. Either that or I get told I'm lazy or stupid and they leave me at that.
It is for this reason that I relied on my "giftedness" to get good grades for Year 1, 2, and 3 (in fact I was consistently the top scorer of my class back then), but over the years the academic difficulty eventually caught up to me and so by the time I reached Year 8 I consistently got the lowest grades in the whole class. So I pretty much gave up on studying after that...
...until I wanted to get back on track again. By that time I already knew about a few study strategies, but only then did I realise that I did not obtain the grit for studying I was supposed to obtain since young. Because of this, whenever I sat down to study I found myself burning out so freaking easily like a piece of paper on flames. And I mean for only 5 minutes before I could no longer soak up any more information. Then I would try to remind myself that I'm only overreacting, being very sensitive or even just being crazy. I didn't want to make any excuses and suck it up, and then continue working only to completely flop in the next few minutes again.
I think all the tips I have read online really only work for neurotypicals, because I tried many of them and all of them kept ending up like everything happening in the last paragraph. No matter what I do I just can't seem to shut up and sit still like all of my peers.
I mean, if even the Pomodoro technique didn't work, then wtf will?
I once had a maths tutor who seemed to understand my conditions, and allowed me to walk around the house after, every 10 minutes of learning or so. It helped me get a bit more into the mood of studying. But my mother didn't approve of that and cancelled the tuition.
At one point I even started to wonder if the whole education system is only there to separate the gritty and obedient from the rest of us instead of genuinely educating people.
I'm getting tired of hearing the same stuff from my parents and teachers all the time; teachers always getting frustrated with my lack of academic progress and my parents and older siblings constantly picking on how useless and how much of a failure I am.
And their advice is always, ALWAYS the exact same thing: "just study harder" or "take less breaks". Please man all I want is help with whatever the hell this hyperactive disorder thing is.
God even just thinking about sitting down and doing my work already proves to be unpleasant.
so idk if I can even be saved at this point anymore... and is there something I can even do. And I still don't know if it's just me or something. And again I apologise if this whole thing is nonsense, but thanks for stopping by :)
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2021.10.22 07:47 dubblgg (Inclement emerald)What a +1 mimikyu can do... unexpectedly,my pachirisu clutched and won me the battle.

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2021.10.22 07:47 cucuu16 What i like about contentos is the clear transparemcy and clear roadmap. The value of token will rise over the time. The key is patience let your bag sit

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2021.10.22 07:47 Op3rat0rr How can I purchase NBA league pass through youtube TV?

I want to purchase the one team package for NBA league pass for Youtube TV but I'm pretty new to Youtube TV.. anyone here with experience in this? Thanks
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2021.10.22 07:47 surveycircle_bot Gen Z & Sustainability

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