Battlefield 2042 devs buff controller aim assist following Beta feedback

Take A Sneak Peak At The Movies Coming Out This Week (8/12) New Movie Trailers We’re Excited About; Sustainable Celebs We Stan: Millie Bobby Brown

2021.10.22 07:45 ZoolShop Battlefield 2042 devs buff controller aim assist following Beta feedback

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2021.10.22 07:45 WhoisJerry_ “PS4” need help getting to level 40 im level 39 and im a play shot ovr 95 I need people for Rec or 2s

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2021.10.22 07:45 therealbomo Curtains Down?

It's a real mistery, 47.
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2021.10.22 07:45 Sky_Diner 75R646 released at Best Buy... at over MSRP

Best Buy now has the 75R646! It's been listed as "coming soon" for at least a month now. However the price is $2299.99... whereas the TCL website has the MSRP at $1799.99. Yikes.
I want it, but not at this price.
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2021.10.22 07:45 My_name_is_Bot Supreme Court adjourns hearing on West Bengal's suit against CBI probe in post-poll violence cases

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2021.10.22 07:45 Geekob Making Loot actually matter

So I was thinking about how to make the loot actually matter, since currently every item just boils down to its rouble value unless its needed for the quest and the game is just about selling everything and buying what you want. And I think there is pretty simple solution to make loot more valuable on its properties rather than rouble value.
Before I get into that I would like to just describe how I think economy of tarkov should work and how it makes sense to me. Currently you have 3 ways of trading. You have bartering with traders, you have normal buy/selling with traders and you have flea market. In terms of value, in my opinion this is how they should be from cheapest: Barters < Traders < Flea Market. My reasoning is simple, if a trader wants some very specific items he is willing to sacrifice little bit of overall price. Traders that gets items in big quantities get them cheaper than PMCs getting these items one by one (this is kinda how it works in real world as well).
So now what would I change. Flea Market fee. My idea is that fee should not really punish the seller but buyers, so the flea prices are higher than trader prices while seller still profits. Currently you have many things very cheap on flea market, because fee is calculated from price of item that trader sells to you, but selling those items to traders is much lower. For example, Penis helmet costs 23000 at Ragman, selling to ragman gets you 11000, flea market price can get even as low as 15000 to still be profitable because fee is calculated from 23000, therefore item on flea market is much cheaper.
So what to do with fees? Set them on some base price, and make it rise from there. Lets say you have penis helmet again, if selling to ragman gets you 11000, set your fee to (Buying price) - (Selling price) + (Some additional fee). In this case 23000 - 11000 + 5000. Your fee is then 17000. If you want to make money you will set price to at least 28000. This additional fee can be varying, point of it is to make prices cap at some price so it doesnt undercut traders.
With this fee change we make it so every item on flea market is more expensive than getting it from trader or finding it. Because even if you find it, because of this base fee you will earn less than if you used that item, which is still your choice. In my opinion flea market should be just a last resort if you really really want some attachment, or crafting item, you have access to it, but it should be in all cases more expensive than finding it. Ifs devs then add more barters and crafts, items will have more and more value by themselves and flea will have more and more just role of a last resort supplement for lot of money.
Also before I forget, with this change I would increase time that item is posted on flea before its removed. Since fees would be higher and we would expect less people shopping on flea.
To make items more valuable, change how flea market fees work. Current fees allow for items to be cheaper on flea than traders/barters because of how they are calculated. New fees are calculated like this (Trader Buy Price) - (Trader Sell Price) + (Some additional fee). Penis helmet: 23000 - 11000 + 5000 = 17000. Profits start at 28000, bellow its better to sell to traders and for buyers its better to buy from traders. Flea gets relegated to role of "I really really want this item so I will pay the bigger price" and with more barters/crafts items would get more value on their own.
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2021.10.22 07:45 jedzelest [FOR HIRE] Open for digital art commissions! Fan arts, Character and Creature Design, Illustrations are discounted. Kindly DM me for inquiries. More info in the comments

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2021.10.22 07:45 Mike26061999 Darkrai on me adding 10. 3888 7845 6941

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2021.10.22 07:45 Laughter899 Tell me about your experience when you first realized you weren’t straight and how you navigated your feelings. Also, what do you think causes same sex attraction?

Ironically, I spent my life being 100% straight , homophobic and thinking lgbt was gross. At age 14 I all asudden started being attracted to women.Throughout the rest of my life I have continued to be insanely attracted to them as well, so it was never like an experimental thing.When I turned 19 I started cruising queer bars, events and nightclubs. Months later, I slept with the first girl. There were definitely some hard times where I didn’t understand my feelings and I went for counselling. I still couldn’t come to terms with my orientation and was feeling confused. I’ve felt all the emotions from feeling proud, ashamed, uncomfortable.Today I am amazed, 28 year old female and identify as bi/pan sexual. Nothing has changed, I still feel the same way, being straight was never suppose to be a part of my journey. What do you think causes sexual orientation? For me, it literally just happened out of the blue and continued. Do you think it’s genetic ?, or just a preference or what?
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2021.10.22 07:45 code_hunter_cc Detecting production vs. development React at runtime

Is it possible to detect whether the current version of React is development or production at runtime? I'd like to do something like this:
if (React.isDevelopment) { // Development thing} else { // Real thing}
Answer link :
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2021.10.22 07:45 poopmanpoopmouse Red light - green light

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2021.10.22 07:45 mercurysulphide Why are completely innocuous comments being deleted from my videos without my permission?

I run a reasonably small youtube channel (~5k subs) and often get comments appear in my notifications. This has happened on several occasions where I've wanted to reply to someone, go to check the comment and it's not there. I checked on Youtube Studio, and it's not even held for review. I actually really wanted to reply to some of these messages, because they made me laugh or I was grateful for them. They didn't contain any swearwords or links, so I have no idea why they were possibly removed. Censoring spam (lol and they don't even do that well) and hatespeech is one thing, but this? It's crazy - and incredibly obstructive to me developing my community.
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2021.10.22 07:45 EVOLU_MOTOR_MEDIA 8th tuning competition in Verona (Italy)
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2021.10.22 07:45 KhitrykhNikita Navalny advisor who moved to Estonia placed on Kremlin wanted list

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2021.10.22 07:45 f0rb1dden_fr09 GEORGE NEEDS THIS, it’s on ebay incase he sees this, he prob won’t lmao

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2021.10.22 07:45 Model4Disadvantage Canoptek Tomb Blades

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2021.10.22 07:45 mrcoffee8 When you're finding only slack-jawed gawkers

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2021.10.22 07:45 erer1243 Currently, it's October 22, 2021 at 06:45AM

Currently, it's October 22, 2021 at 06:45AM
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2021.10.22 07:44 jack_of_all_hobbies I’m looking for something specific

I’m looking for a knife with a straight blade next to a serrated blade. I’d like the blades to be around 3 inches long and be liner locked. I’d also like a pocket clip. Does such a thing exist?
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2021.10.22 07:44 NZepplin Are you Nintendo Switch owners getting the expansion pack when it comes out?

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2021.10.22 07:44 Larrik1n And on the same day C.R.'s 3rd campaign starts, it's true and it's a no-brainer

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2021.10.22 07:44 Intelligent_Put_3973 Mostar Diving club

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2021.10.22 07:44 wm8m8mw If banter show today wasn't enough and you want more priceless information then watch this interview if you haven't watched it yet
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2021.10.22 07:44 Puzzleheaded-Cap-620 Gözde Demiral

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2021.10.22 07:44 Dougp83 Who the hell drew these? (Story in comments)

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