Petition to make a shop that sells crystal flies

2021.10.22 07:34 Hitomi_Hoshizora Petition to make a shop that sells crystal flies

Or make a crystal fly farm or something in the Serenitea pot. Those things are annoying to catch for low end devices that takes 5 seconds or something for the option to catch to appear
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2021.10.22 07:34 SpizdiL Гениальный ход!

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2021.10.22 07:34 Aalifa If you didn’t read Noah’s ark as a kid in Bible class. You had no childhood.

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2021.10.22 07:34 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Op-Ed: Create a tribal-led marine sanctuary and stop oil spills on the California coast | LA Times

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2021.10.22 07:34 Erwlin wtt na account — 8x5+ offers only, nlf linked accounts and im mlf eu or asia offers

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2021.10.22 07:34 skrrtskrrtspermworm Making a basic fuzz face by myself, any tips before I get to it?

(Yes, I have experience in soldering as well as pedal repair, but this is my first from scratch!)
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2021.10.22 07:34 RoyalClintonApperson [Headphone] Massdrop X Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Headphones $125.10

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2021.10.22 07:34 morningcould If nitrogen affixation is painless, why can't it be used for execution and euthanasia?

I read that breathing in pure nitrogen with no oxygen doesn't feel like suffocation. Would that be more painless than say lethal injection?
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2021.10.22 07:34 Littleworrybug123 People who became friends with a school shooter, Did you notice any signs before they committed the act?

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2021.10.22 07:34 Ayirki Can't daydream because of my granduncle

I've had MDD as long as I can remember and it's been 2 years since I found out it's a disorder. I've always been able to control it and never want to quit. Recently my granduncle (81M) was diagnosed with schizophrenia. I've always seen him as this smart and strong old man with a lot of knowledge who would tell me stories whenever he visited our place. When I saw him at the hospital he wasn't the same, completely lost his senses. I never expected to see him like this. When the doctor was talking about genetic risks I came to realise that 3 other siblings of the same family side have had some mentall illnesses but it never came to our mind at the first place bcs the symptoms were mild and they are all senior citizens also the fact that mental health isn't taken seriously in my country. Now whenever I start daydreaming or pacing I automatically stop. I can't daydream it's like creative block nothing comes to my mind. I don't know whether it's a good or a bad thing but I think I'm scared of losing my sanity.
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2021.10.22 07:34 joey_roe Download Rockets

Yo does anyone know how to download rockets onto next gen xbox ksp?
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2021.10.22 07:34 gold-corvette1 Correcting grammar to win an argument is lame

Whenever I stumble across arguments on forum websites alot of the time I see that one person who corrects the others grammar just so they can win it honestly makes no sense what are they trying to prove? And its always when they are starting to lose they use it as an excuse because they think pointing out someones grammar mistakes will make them automatically win the argument. No it just makes you look like a smartass.
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2021.10.22 07:34 NotImportant4You I didn't realize Ludwig put out a video game

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2021.10.22 07:34 Optimistic_Moron How to get started with android app development?

I want to try new things and want to learn app development. I have a shitty laptop and can't install android studio. I want to make apps from VS Code. Are there any free resources to get me started?
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2021.10.22 07:34 SL_EXSS Help me know What pc i have

so im looking to upgrade my i 330 but sadley lost my manuel and to find the right hardware i need help hope some one knows what model im using
my config(out of box) RAM - 8gb ram 21333mhz CPU - i3 8130 u HDD -1tb WD hhdd GPU - Intel UHD 620
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2021.10.22 07:34 DaddyClickbait So in the new trailer...

The specifically mention that they're filming with a strange device which is likely the Arc Phone. I theorize that at different points in the game the player will have to take photos and record videos of different species in the wild. So not just catching and battling.

What do you all think?
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2021.10.22 07:34 Biexplorious4 Best feeling

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2021.10.22 07:34 anxiouslyattachedffs As expected: after a few months of stability, my DA has deactivated HARDCORE. I am broken and ready to leave

Read previous posts for context, I'll also link in the comments below.
Just as I was finally becoming comfortable again. I was doing so well internally and my journey to being secure was making steady progress. Most of anxiety was going away and he was being so open with me. We were doing so well. He even faced his fear of travelling with a partner and we went away together for a few days. And then he asked me to move in with him in his new house that he bought.
That's when hell started a few weeks ago. It breaks my heart to write the details but I'll give a few:

  1. He only speaks of the future in singular. Last week he bought a new couch for the house and called it his couch.
  2. He out of nowhere proclaimed that he was going to start charging me rent to cover the mortgage.
  3. I tried to engage him in conversation about our future plans to get married and he stonewalled me.
  4. He purposely "forgot" to RSVP me as his plus one to an event we were both invited to. His excuse was full of shit. I know when he's lying.
  5. He waited until the day before to tell me that his brother is having a party so I didn't have time to make arrangements at work
The kicker?
His friends asked him if I was the one and he said "not sure". The looks people gave me. I know they felt bad for me but no one knew what to say or where to look. It hasn't been the same between us since then. I told hi it hurt me, he said he wasn't going to lie. No apology. Nothing.
It's over. I just needed to rant. But it's over.
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2021.10.22 07:34 tonybinky20 Never thought I’d see the day KD gets cooked by a guy called America is Musty

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2021.10.22 07:34 Electrical-Mousse-51 Cada segundo que pasa nos acercamos a un perdision inminente y no podemos hacer nada para detenerlo.

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2021.10.22 07:34 Traditional-Ad2635 Buy Saanen Goat Online - Triple Live Stock

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2021.10.22 07:34 576mendo RAM question

Hello, I have 2x8 3200Mhz RAM but i'm upgrading to a 4 slots ram motherboard, i still have 2x4 2400Mhz RAM from my last config, should I keep working with only 16gigs or is it worth it for me to put the 2x4 in ? (french guy talking, sorry for the bad english)
I use the PC for mostly gaming.
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2021.10.22 07:34 Jordz2203 My Air Conditioning Unit works for around an hour, then only blows room temp air? Barely works on Hot days

Hi, so I have a old AC unit, its got the indoor and outdoor portion, for some reason, on Coldish days it works almost perfectly, but on hot and warm days, it only works for around an hour, then stops cooling and just puts out room temp air, what could be causing this? Again its quite an old unit Id say at least 8 years
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2021.10.22 07:34 amichalodgvbdbg This is exactly what I hoped for..!! 🥰

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2021.10.22 07:34 Ecstatic-Scarcity-61 Opinion regarding Djokovic' many antiscience views

Many people think Djokovic is a terrible and an extremely selfish person for being antivax. I disagree for the following reasons. Andre Agassi said Djokovic doesn't believe in strength training and eating the right amount of protein after he decided to stop working with him. These two are the most important factors according to scientific research for improving athletic performance and even for general health in all humans. Also he decided to not have the elbow surgery for so long which actually affected him. It's clear that he just doesn't trust science and medicine as a whole even when it benefits him.From this, I don't see how him being antivax means he is a selfish person. Vaccination is a net benefit for almost all individuals and it is not even as irritating as wearing a mask everyday. You just get jabbed once or twice. He is not vaccinated not because he is selfish rather he doesn't understand science.
I and most of us are taught science in school and I saw how science explained and predicted most things in the world and I gradually developed a trust in the scientific process. He is someone who didn't have proper education and he was mostly taught by his coach. He mentioned this in his autobiography. I don't see how it is possible for me and you to judge him on this. I have no idea how I would have turned out if I was raised in his circumstances.
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